SVSU hosts job fair during first week of school

Students connect with a variety of employers during the job fair. Vanguard Photo Editor | Justin Kruskie

The Office of Career Services held the first job fair of the semester on Aug. 29 in the TSAR.

The event was originally set to take place in the Presidential Courtyard, however, weather shifted the event indoors. The Part Time Job Fair, lasting from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., aimed to connect students with employers for part-time job opportunities and general networking purposes.

Director of Career Services, Teresa George, spoke about the thought and preparation put into the planning of the event.

“We began preparing for the event sometime around May and decided this year to host it the first week of school,” she said. “We usually wait a few weeks for the first job fair, but we thought students are really engaged and excited right now, so we wanted to keep that energy going.”

George further explained the role that job fairs can have in connecting with employers.

“It’s never too early to create those relationships,” George said. “Employers get used to those same faces and even though you may not be ready for an internship or a full-time job, just creating those connections can last a really long time.”

George encourages everyone to take those first steps and talk to employers even if it may be intimidating or nerve racking at first.

Maria Costanzo, a third-year Social Work student, was one of the many students present at the event. Costanzo’s main reason for attendance was to explore options as part of a search for a part time job.

“I was excited to see what job opportunities were available both on and off campus that relate to the field of social work,” she said. “My hope was to talk to employers I haven’t connected with before.”

Both students and employers were eager to make connections and talk to new faces.

Erin Pilarski, Marketing Manager of Marshall M Frederick Sculpture Museum at SVSU, was one of the over 30 employers present at the fair. Pilarski spoke to what characteristics the museum looks for in students.

“We love talking to students who have a personality that is constantly engaged with their community,” she said, “Also, those who really want to interact with the public as well as those who are curious and want to learn more and dive deeper into history.”

Career Services will be hosting three additional job fairs this semester. These include the Accounting and Finance Job Fair, the Fall Employment Fair, and the Fall Education Fair.

The Fall Employment Fair, on Sept. 22nd from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., is open to all majors no matter how early on you are in your college experience. All are encouraged to attend.

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