Softball wins both games against Duluth

SVSU’s softball team competed against Minnesota-Duluth and won, 2-1.

SVSU was able to take the lead in the second inning after an all base-loaded walk.

The team started the 3rd-inning with a home run. The team then switched over to defense to protect their lead throughout the rest of the game.

Junior Sara Moos and Junior Paige Kolinski each had two hits for the team. Junior Alyssa Muench pitched for all the innings. She took home eight strikeouts.

Game two:

The team then went into its second game against Walsh. The team came away with a 13-4 win.

Senior Sarah Gersch managed an RBIdouble. Senior Jackie Popko gave the team its 1-0 lead. Gersch scored and added to the board as well.

After an RBI-single, Walsh brought the score to 2-1 in the third.

The bottom of the second saw a two-home run for the Cavaliers.

Junior Leah Denome scored a triple in the top of the 4th-inning. Junior Maddie Campagna and Junior Sydney Herioux also scored to bring the lead up to 4-3.

Walsh managed to bring the lead up even more in the fourth inning.

Gersch had a run that resulted in an RBIdouble that caused Popko to score. The sixth inning saw SVSU push their lead up to 7-4.

Junior Alexis Gills scored a double which then caused freshman Emily Beckas, and freshman Ella Schneider to score as well.

Freshman Katelyn Pnacek followed their lead and followed up with a double that scored Gills. There led then sat at 10-4.

Popka managed a sacrifice fly that let Pnacek score. The inning also saw another RBI-single that promised the win for SVSU at 13-4.

The team will play again March 5-11 in Florida for the Spring Break games.

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