Women’s basketball loses both games

On Jan. 5, the SVSU women’s basketball team gave their all but fell hard to Michigan Tech with a 69-53 score.

Sophomore Tori DePerry came in hard with the most scores of the game. She made a career high of 31 points.

She also led the team on rebounds with eight.

Freshman Lydia Meredith followed with 10 points, which was also a career high. Senior Jessica Massey had four assists and two steals throughout the game.

Tech came in strong with two threepoint jumpers in the very start of the

DePerry did manage to hti her own two-point jumper. The Cardinals came out with an 8-7 lead in the first.

However, Tech managed to turn it around and end the quarter with a 20-9 lead.

In the second half, Perry managed to score 12 of her 31 points.

Despite this, Tech held strong with a 42- 25 lead.

The Cardinals made an impressive start to the second half with an 8-0 run which cut the lead to 12.

The deficit stayed at 12.

DePerry came through in the fourth and brought the score to 58-50 with 6:09 left in the game.

Tech was able to bring the deficit back to 15 and secure their win.

On Jan. 7, the SVSU women’s basketball team continued its losing streak and fell against Northern Michigan 56-52. The game was home inside the O’Neill Arena.

Once again, sophomore Tori DePerry led the team with the most scores.

She finished with 18 points and 14 rebounds. She was closely followed by senior Kaitlyn Zarycki with 10 points.

The team had started strong with a 3-0 lead that quickly went downhill.

NMU scored four points in a row, pushing them into the lead. They achieved this with just 4:45 remaining in the first.

Zarycki was able to get a layup that pushed the team into another lead with 19-9. NMU came back and ended the half in the lead.

In the second half, DePerry started the third strong by making five points. NMU quickly responded by pulling 11 in the first two minutes.

This gave NMU their first lead since the first quarter. The lead continued to be tossed around during the fourth until the buzzer hit at 46-41.

SVSU and NMU stayed neck and neck up until the very end of the game.

The teams tied at 52 with just 2:56 left in the game.

NMU came back strong and scored the final four points in the game, putting them in the lead and giving them the win. SVSU will play again on Jan. 12 against Davenport.

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