Men’s basketball improves record against Wayne State

On Jan. 5, SVSU pulled through to pull off a late game win against Michigan Tech with a score 69-58. The team was able to hold its own for the last 37 minutes of the game, giving them a lead during that time.

Junior Tre Garrett led the team with 17 points and a 6-12 shoot from the floor. Sophomore Freddie McIntosh followed closely behind with a total of 15 points for the team

Junior Maurice Barnett and junior Jiovanni Miles both scored nine points each. Barnett also came in with nine rebounds throughout the game.

Garrett came into the game strong with two free throws in the last, which led a five straight point play for SVSU. With 16:04 left in the game, this gave SVSU the lead.

Tech tried to hold their own and cut the deficit to three points. SVSU came back and was able to score five more, bringing the deficit up to eight.

SVSU continued to stay in the lead but only barely with the deficit remaining in the single digits for most of the game. McIntosh managed to score with only five seconds left of the half. This brought SVSU to a 37-27 lead before the break.

Tech came into the second half strong and cut the deficit from 10 to nine in only the first seven minutes.

Sophomore Steven Post hit a layup which started another 5-0 streak for SVSU. This brought the deficit back to 14 with just 12 minutes on the clock.

Tech came back with a few scores, leaving the two teams only four points away from tying. Miles scored a layup which brought on a 7-0 run for SVSU.

The margin was now at 12 but did go back down to five before the game was over. SVSU was able to secure its win with free throws.

SVSU went into the second game of the week against Northern Michigan University (NMU) but wasn’t able to pull off the win. SVSU fell to the Wildcats with a 71-68 score.

Sophomore Freddie McIntosh carried the team with a total of 16 points throughout the game. He also made six rebounds and four assists.

Junior Maurice Barnett was close behind with 12 points. Freshman Chansey Willis Jr. scored 11 points but came in strong with six rebounds, and six assists.

NMU started off the game with a 19-3 stretch in the first 6:30 of the game. They managed to grow their lead to 20 by the time the end of the first half rolled around. By the time of the break, NMU had an impressive 46-26 lead.

In the second half, SVSU caused the deficit to range. Half of it was at 10 with the other half sitting at six. The team came in with a 10-0 run that lasted three minutes of the game. This brought the score up to 62-57 with just five minutes left in the game.

Willis Jr. came in and hit back-to-back scores which brought the deficit down to six. He also made two free throws, bringing the score to 69-65 with just two minutes in the game.

McIntosh brought an impressive three pointer which brought SVSU within one point of NMU. The Wildcats were able to come back and hit two free throws, giving them the win of the game.

Despite making more scores than NMU in the second half, the team still saw its defeat.

SVSU brought in 41 rebounds while NMU saw 43. The Cardinals had 11 assists and seven turnovers. They also saw 11 points off of those turnovers.

The next game will be on Jan. 12 against Davenport. The game will start at 7:30 p.m.

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