Study Abroad Fair returns in person

SVSU students learn more about study abroad opportunities at the Study Abroad Fair. CIS Abroad was also at the event. Vanguard Photographer | Sarah Brege

On Sept. 19, students from all different backgrounds joined together to learn about SVSU’s study abroad programs.

Outside providers and parties such as CIS Abroad and University of England also came out to the event to share information.

Kate Scott, the director of international exchange, oversees SVSU’s study abroad department. She also directs exchanges and short-term incoming international programs.

“The fair has not been here since COVID-19, so we are very excited to be back,” Scott said. “We have a couple of party providers here as well as a ton of faculty.”

When asked about her position, Scott discussed her involvement outside of semester long or year trips.

“We have our sister university in Shukaku, which we send students to, and then generally we have students who come for two or three weeks during the summer,” she said. “I oversee those incoming students and short-term programs as well.”

Scott is excited about the opportunities that SVSU provides to students looking to take their academics outside of the classroom.

“I think my favorite thing about the study abroad program at Saginaw Valley is being able to connect students who have the true desire to study abroad with the opportunities to do so.”

One trip that faculty and students are excited about is a trip to Berlin, Germany for the Special Olympics this upcoming spring. Occupational therapy, nursing, and STEM majors alike may find this trip beneficial.

Becky Toth, assistant professor of nursing at SVSU, is leading the trip to Germany to participate in the Special Olympics.

“I am most looking forward to meeting the athletes,” she said. “Just talking to them and listening to their stories. What they have gone through and how they have overcome different things. These are world class athletes. Just different. Hearing these stories is what will make the trip so interesting.”

In addition to the Special Olympics, students going on the trip can expect sightseeing and tourist activities.

“We will also participate in some museums, tours, volunteering, and events while we are there,” Toth said.

The trip to Germany is 10 days long and will provide the students with three to four credits.

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