How to gain self-confidence on your own

Gaining confidence is a mental transformation, not a physical one, and that means it can be learned.

There is a common misconception surrounding confidence: a physical change needs to occur to gain it. This means makeup, a gym phase or even plastic surgery. I’m here to tell you there are way better ways to build confidence without torturing your body and wallet.

For one, anyone can gain confidence by using self-praise. This may be a tricky step because now you feel unworthy of it. If you have yet to gain confidence, any compliments may feel false, but the answer is simple: be delusional.

Give yourself compliments even if you feel unworthy. Boast any accomplishments and fake pride.

Lie and say you’re the coolest person in the room. Yes, mom and dad told you to never lie, but someone once said, “fake it till you make it.”

After doing this for a while, these comments won’t feel like a lie anymore. The delusion will fade away to reveal genuine pride.

I can’t say this enough: stop with the self-deprecating jokes.

I’m guilty of a few of those now and again, but overall, they’re harmful to your self-image.

We already talked about self-praise, but to take it a step further, you must eliminate self-deprecation, positivity is key.

Speak positively about others as well. Recognize other people’s positive traits and soon you will start to see those in yourself.

It isn’t a competition; everyone lives in their own lane, so take the time to appreciate others and soon you will appreciate yourself.

Don’t waste energy on people who tear others down. How are you supposed to thrive in an environment that’s suffocating?

Spend your time wisely with people who make you happy. Even if it’s only a handful of people.

Shift your focus to what makes you, you. Make a list of your hobbies and put more time towards them. Don’t have a lot? No problem.

It’s a great day to try something new. Research shows feeling achievement in a hobby boosts self-esteem, according to

Humans are a social species. To feel a sense of belonging and pride, it is necessary to be a part of a group. A great place to start is with your friends and family.

Try joining a club. As a student, multiple opportunities surround you every day. Join an RSO or play a sport. Get involved on campus.

The people you meet during these passion projects will help you feel a part of something bigger than yourself.

Social media also contributes to a negative body image. Everyone posts only their best selves, and it’s usually a false representation of their lives.

This leads to inaccurate comparisons and unrealistic beauty standards, so consider cleansing your social media by deleting it, or take a smaller step and check who you follow. Try and unfollow people who make you doubt yourself.

Physical health is vital to feel better and stronger. Manage your health by eating well, sleeping well and taking care of your hygiene.

Light exercise is also a great option to feel better about your body and your strength. This can be anything from hitting the gym, taking occasional walks or even enrolling in a yoga class.

Even with all these steps in mind, total confidence eludes everyone. However, taking the time to better your mentalmindset will leave you prepared to take on new challenges with a newfound faith in yourself.

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