The trial-and-error method of prescriptions has led to an overmedicated America

It goes without saying that the right medication can drastically improve one’s life.

Those suffering from bipolar disorder, chronic depression, generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD have seen their lives improve significantly since being prescribed the proper pill and carefully determined dosage.

In the 21st Century, the mental health crisis has spiraled out of control.

Fortunately, it is getting the attention it deserves.

Unfortunately, too many doctors are using the wrong remedies to relieve the pain of mental health problems.

Too many doctors are pill-pushers who indiscriminately prescribe medications to patients.

The right pill can change the world for a person going through the endless cycle of mental health problems.

However, it is not hard for doctors to abuse such remedies.

No pill is one size fits all, but many psychiatrists think the solution is trying a new pill and, if it doesn’t do its job, just doubling the dosage.

If that doesn’t work, try another pill and double the dosage if necessary.

Keep repeating these steps until you find the right medication.

Employing this method of finding the right pill is dangerous for the patient and displays lackluster care and caution on the part of the psychiatrist.

They roll the dice and cross their fingers while the patient suffers the consequences of the doctor’s carelessness.

They’ll receive their paycheck regardless of whether your new pill does its job or not.

So who benefits from this method of finding the right medication?

The patient?

Certainly not.

But the drug companies roll in cash as production soars and an ever-desperate nation devotes itself to pills that don’t work or that it doesn’t even need.

I am not against prescribing medications.

They help millions of Americans get through their daily lives and can improve their quality of life.

But trial-and-error and doubling dosages are not reasonable methods to finding the unique pill that can help each American in need.

Many doctors are responsible for abusing the prescription of medications.

Too many desperate patients put their faith in doctors who only care that the patient is paying his or her bills.

In America, we have become a medication nation, and it often hurts us more than it helps.

There is one tried and true method to ensure a patient is not undergoing trial-and-error methods of finding the right pill.

This method is a gene test.

Doctors swab your mouth and determine what medication will work the best for you and have the least number of adverse side effects based on your genetic makeup.

This is a responsible means of finding the right pill.

You wouldn’t let a dentist start poking around in your mouth with metal tools if she didn’t know which tool would do the job well.

You wouldn’t let a pilot fly you overseas if he didn’t know which button would put down the landing gear.

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your sink if he didn’t know which tool he would need to fix the leak.

Does trial and error work in these situations?

Is trial and error worth the money you invest into your health?

As patients, we have a right to true care.

We put our lives into the hands of medical experts, and we demand the best.

We want our doctors to prescribe us the right medications as if we were their own children.

So, next time your doctor tries playing around with pills and dosages to alleviate your mental health issues, ask for a gene test.

Ask for the care you deserve, and don’t take no for an answer.

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