SVSU Concert Choir performs in “Amadeus” at Saginaw’s Temple Theatre

The Temple Theatre in Saginaw was full of life, energy and emotion on the evening of April 2 for a performance of “Amadeus.”

This production was years in the making.

It involved a massive collaborative effort among different musical groups and artists.

The Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra worked with Pit and Balcony Theatre, different vocal soloists, and even stage actors to present the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s life.

The live-action production also featured SVSU students from the Concert Choir. The performance was based on the play by Peter Shaffer.

Nine actors and seven vocal soloists performed with the orchestra and vocal choir.

SVSU President Donald Bachand and his wife were in attendance.

There were also numerous SVSU students in attendance who came out to support their music department and friends.

The auditorium was packed with audience members.

The three-hour performance included a 15-minute intermission and tickets were $45 each.

Rayn Clark is a vocal performance senior who sang with the SVSU Concert Choir during the concert.

They said they were looking forward to performing with the orchestra once more.

They said they hadn’t had the opportunity to perform in something like this since being a freshman four years ago. This was before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Clark said the performance had its fair share of challenges.

“The most challenging part of preparing for this concert has been learning to navigate some of the more demanding soprano lines in the music,” they said. “It requires a lot of focus and precision to sing them well and healthily.”

Clark said the event was memorable because of the massive effort the collaboration took and how all the different aspects of music, acting, and singing coalesce into a wonderful work of art.

“It isn’t often that the orchestra, choir, and theatre communities can get together to perform something like this in our area,” they said. “Everyone has been working so hard and after two years of not being able to perform together for a live audience like we did before COVID, it’s exciting to see such a large event come together.”

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