Student jazz combos perform concert in Rhea Miller Recital Hall

Jazz Combo II performs under the direction of Dr. Colin Wood. Vanguard Photographer | Justin Kruskie

The Rhea Miller Recital Hall hosted two jazz combos on Thursday evening.

These combos featured drums, woodwinds, brass, bass, guitar and vocalization.

Elementary education sophomore Grace Szagesh attended the event to support her brother, Mason Szagesh, who performed in the concert.

Szagesh said she enjoyed the creativity of the improvisation done at the beginning of the concert.

“I thought it was cool that, even though the students have no piece written out, the beauty of the sound of the instruments together make it a very interesting piece,” Szagesh said.

Overall, Szagesh was impressed with the concert.

“It was everything and more,” Szagesh said. “I love attending these concerts solely for the purpose of being involved in school events and getting to hear some good music. I just really enjoy the concerts here at SVSU. I love the different aspects of music that are played and seeing many talented musicians perform.”

Mason Szagesh is a music education senior who performed in the concert. He is a man of many talents who plays the euphonium, trombone and tuba.

He played the euphonium during the concert.

Szagesh said he had been preparing for this concert since the beginning of the winter semester.

“We were doing a sound painting piece that was completely different each time,” he said. “We ended up only playing two standards and some other out-there improvisatory pieces.”

Szagesh also explained that his audience needed to prepare themselves to embrace the power of the euphonium.

Combo I participant, music education senior Kyle Ingersoll, sings All of Me. Vanguard Photographer | Justin Kruskie

Erik Gillette is a music performance junior who played the bass during the concert.

However, Gillette also plays the saxophone.

He said a lot of work went into the concert.

“We have been working on these pieces for various times,” Gillette said.

“’Strasbourg / St. Denis’ we worked on from the beginning of the semester, but ‘Take the A Train’ we only worked on for about three weeks.”

Gillette said that, above all, he wanted the audience to sit back, relax and appreciate the jazz combos.

“I just hoped that people had a good time and were able to escape from their troubles for a moment and enjoy some great music,” Gillette said.

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