Science and religion can coexist with one another

One thing I remember about going to church growing up is that there always seemed to be a separation between church and science.

The church members talked as if just because they believed in God, science couldn’t be real.

They forced you into believing one or the other.

One example of this that was very relevant in my life was the evolution issue.

I remember it becoming a huge debate in the United States.

Many parents refused to let their children learn about it because it went directly against what they had been taught in the church, even though there was evidence to help support this theory.

They didn’t even want to give their children the chance to learn about it and make the decision for themselves.

They made them leave the classroom during that lesson.

This wasn’t something I had to do.

I was allowed to stay in the room and learn.

It got me wondering- why can’t the two things exist together?

Why does the existence of one mean the other can’t exist?

I’ve personally always believed in science.

It has never been a question in my head of whether or not it’s real.

I know that it is.

I also know that a lot of people feel that way about religion.

They grew up with it and they see it as fact.

Something I also wondered when I was in the church growing up, was how can these people not see that the two things can go together?

Sure, the main reason many religious people don’t believe in science is because it contradicts God, but why does it?

If God created everything and everyone, wouldn’t that mean he created science and the people who do the research into it?

Going back to evolution, who is to say that God didn’t create that?

Why is it impossible to think that God created it as a process?

Another reason I often hear against evolution specifically is that it can’t exist because the origin story of humans is told in the Bible through the story of Adam and Eve.

But, from my experience anyway, the stories in the Old Testament are meant to be parables.

They are just stories that help people understand the lessons God was trying to teach.

The story of Adam and Eve and evolution can go together.

Adam and Eve are meant to teach, and God could have used evolution to create.

I think that by making younger kids and adults choose between the two, the church loses a lot of members they maybe didn’t have to lose.

If the church could acknowledge that “believing” in science isn’t bad, they might be able to keep the younger generation.

Science also isn’t something that you can “believe” in like you believe in religion.

It isn’t this abstract idea that you have to just put your faith into and hope.

Science is based off of facts – facts that have hours of research behind them.

It isn’t something that you can choose to not believe in.

It’s just something that is.

How can you dispute things that can be proven?

Even if it goes against your beliefs?

Science is inarguably and undeniably real.

So, why can’t the two exist together?

Alyssa McMillan

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