14 Michigan educators chosen for fellowship

On Nov. 4, SVSU announced the 14 recipients of the 2021 Gerstacker fellowship at an induction ceremony held in Rhea Miller recital hall.

Co-Director of the Gerstacker Fellowship Mary Ackerman explained what the fellowship is.

“The purpose of the fellowship is to create a cohort of educational leaders to expand the vision and leadership capability of premier teachers and administrators,” Ackerman said. “The cohort meets

2-days a month for an entire year, and then travels internationally to learn about the education and culture in a global community.”

She explained on of the opportunities provided by the fellowship.

“One of the greatest gifts of the Fellowship is the opportunity to develop relationships with the entire community of Gerstacker Fellows,” she said. “During the past 15 years, 165 teachers and administrators have completed the program. Annually, the entire group of Fellows is provided with opportunities to continue their leadership studies as a larger group.” The fellows are picked after an application process.

“Interested individuals apply for the Fellowship,” Ackerman said. “They must be nominated by the superintendent of their district. The applications are then reviewed and an interview team chooses a 10-14 individuals with the following criteria in mind: Representation from the Great Lakes Bay Area, balance between elementary, middle and high school, and teachers and newer administrators.”

The fellowship also includes training.

“The Fellows receive training in leadership,” she said. “This may include: Communication, Culture, Organizational Structure, Political Advocacy, Diversity and inclusive practices, executing strategic priorities, Global Education. Topics may vary depending on the year.”

In a normal year, the cohorts would be given the opportunity to travel internationally to study and learn. However, due to COVID, the trip has been canceled the past three years.

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