Students run for homecoming court

On Oct. 6, SVSU held voting for homecoming court. Students were provided with a link to vote for any two candidates.

The link provided originally was wrong but was fixed in an email the day of voting.

Each candidate had their own motivations for running. Special education senior Anna Plotkowski was inspired by her past RA’s.

“Two of my mentors, Raegan Schultz and Jarod Morse, were crowned in 2019,” Plotkowski said. “I remember being inspired by their message of running for a reason and their care for others.”

She was inspired by their dedication to the school’s community. “This year I decided to run because I hope to be a role model for other students,” she said. “I consider myself a servant leader on campus, connecting with other through my experiences.

I hope to show others how much I care about our campus community and the people here.”

Occupational therapy senior Courtney Van- est had similar motivations for running.

“The experiences I have had at SVSU have been extremely pivotal in my growth as a student,” Vanest said. “SVSU demonstrated to me the impact one student can have on making a difference in entire communities, the value of hard work and dedication when achieving goals, and what it means to be loved by an en- tire student body.”

Dual literature and communication senior Lizzy Simon touched on her experience running for court.

“Running for court has been incredible thus far,” Simon said. “All of the candidates I’ve met are extremely deserving of being elected to royalty and I can’t wait to see what the outcomes of the elections are. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by such amazing students who show Red Pride in different ways.”

Plotkowski took away the love she felt during the process.

“This experience has been so exciting,” she said. “Running for the court was a great choice. I have felt so much love running for court from people who have told me they’re supporting me.” This year’s theme, Y2K, is a hit with stu- dents, many of whom grew up in the early 2000’s.

“This year’s theme is so fun, especially with the 2000’s making a comeback in current trends,” Simon said. “I think it’s a great reflec- tion of what we all grew up with.”

Vanest is also excited for this year’s theme.

“This year’s theme really makes me smile,” she said. “The retro based theme allows us to reflect on our roots and that has occurred throughout the past years, while allowing for creativity and open-mindedness. When I think of homecoming, I think of unity among current students, alumni, and faculty. It is a way or bringing all the Cardinals home.”

Simon, Vanest and Plotkowski were all a part of the finalists. The winners will be crowned at the game on Oct. 16.

Alyssa McMillan

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