Police Briefs

Police briefs are written based on reports from University Police. They indicate preliminary descriptions of events and not necessarily actual incidents.

Fire Alarm

On Sept. 20 at 6:31 A.M. a fire alarm in Doan Center was set off. No fire was to be found, the alarm was reset, and the scene was cleared.

Property Damage

On Oct. 2 at 11:04 A.M. to reference a two-car accident on Bay Rd and College Dr. A non-student was stopped at the light when they were rear- ended by a student. There were no injuries.

On Oct 2 at 7:40 P.M. a deer hit an employee’s car. The employee was traveling southbound on Davis Rd. The accident caused minor damage to the vehicle.

On Oct. 4 at 2:55 P.M. a commuter student was heading eastbound in the front row of G-3 and was struck in the driver side rear door from another vehicle backing out of a parking space. There were no injuries. Vehicles had minor damage.

Suspicious Situation

On Oct. 3 at 1:21 P.M. an unknown subject called Saginaw County Central Dispatch from unknown number. The subject stated that there was an emergency at SVSU and hung up. Officers were dispatched to MJB and the Student Center. The subject was located and spoken to, as well as other witnesses. Officers determined there was no emergency.


On Oct. 3 at 10:21 P.M. a female resident student had noticed her clothes were missing from the First Year Suite B laundry room. The student had left their clothing in a washer and another student had moved it to a dryer at one point. When the student went back to get it, all her clothing was gone. The laundry basket was found, but the clothes remain missing.


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