Theatre department offers headshots

Theatre fifth year Austin Butterfield has his resume looked over by the faculty in the theatre department. Vanguard Photo | Vincent Ford

The theatre department partnered with Alpha Psi Omega (APO), SVSU’s chapter of the National Honorary Fraternity to hold a resume and headshot workshop.

APO has worked with the Theatre Department in the past to plan events for students in the department.

Faculty gave students one-on-one feedback on their resumes. It was open to all Theatre majors and minors. Tommy J. Wedge, the advisor for APO, was one of the professors reviewing students’ resumes.

“APO thought it’d be a great way to give back and collaborate with the theatre department while also providing a needed and valuable service to fellow peers in the program,” he said.

He said he gave them individualized advice to prep for the upcoming hiring season. APO also hired a local photographer to take headshots. They will be available to students during the event and put a professional touch on their resumes.

Holly S. Houck, a theatre senior is especially excited about this opportunity. As the president and account manager for APO, she helped bring back this workshop after the Covid-19 disruption.

“This is the first time since I’ve been at SVSU that APO has provided the free service of headshots to theatre students,” she said.

She said this is an important of experience for students within the field, and they will learn about the time, money, and energy that it takes to produce a polished resume. Providing headshots free of charge was a tremendous aid to struggling students.

“Whereas a résumé is free (except for the paper, ink, and time it takes to make) headshots cost a lot of money, especially for theatre students that should update them frequently,” she said.

David Rzeszutek, the Chair of the Theatre Department, also was looking forward to the workshop.

“We hope that this event will strengthen the current resumes of our students and will introduce the different style format to our newer students,” Rzeszutek said.

Career Services also helps students improves their resumes, but this workshop will allow for specialized advice for students looking to go into the Theatre field. So far, it has been well-received.

“We have participated in this event in the past and it was a success, I would look forward to the workshop again in the future,” Rzeszutek said.

The Theatre Department and APO plan to run more events over the semester, such as the “Pie-a-Professor” fundraiser later in the fall.

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