GVSU rejoins Battle of the Valleys event

SVSU will host its 18th annual Battle of The Valley’s (BOV) competition, with Grand Valley State University (GVSU) rejoining the competition after a break.

The competition for BOV builds from the long-standing rivalry between GVSU and SVSU and raises money for local charities.

Josie Koenigsknecht, student associations co-battle chair, talked about the positive impact GVSU returning had. “I think GVSU’s return to Battle of the Valleys will positively impact this year’s fundraising,” Koenigsknecht said. “Ultimately, we are fundraising for a good cause. Everyone loves a friendly competition, so GVSU’s return will ignite a spark in our competition, and hopefully increase our fundraising.”

The rivalry has been in place for years with SVSU winning the “We battle” competition 13 years out of 16.

“The concept behind SVSU’s “We Battle” is to emphasize the community engage- ment,” Koenigsknecht said. “SVSU doesn’t battle, the community doesn’t battle, we all battle together.”

The battle begins with the schools choosing what organization they want to donate to. This year GVSU will be donating its fundraising to “I Understand, Love Heals” and SVSU will be donating to the Children’s Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Different organizations had the opportunity to apply to be this year’s BOV beneficiary through June 11.

Madeline Lowry, a rehabilitative medicine senior, is the other co-chair for SVSU’s BOV. Her and Koenigsknecht are working hard to make this event one of a kind.

“I’m most excited to be getting back to our normal battle events as well as a few new ones with minimal COVID restrictions.” Lowry said. “Monday’s events are probably some of the most exciting for me.”

BOV starts Sept. 26th and concludes at the presentation of a check to SVSU’s beneficiary Children’s Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region at the Grand Valley State University home football game on Oct.

“I am most excited to see SVSU come together to give back to the community,” Koenigsknecht said. “It will be amazing to see students, faculty, staff, and community members come together to help fundraise.”

The school that raises the most money will get to keep the Victoria trophy for next year.

BOV started off with its first event for the week with the BOV Color Run on Sept. 26, with students, faculty and alumni all attending. This is just the first of many fundraising events to take place for BOV this week.

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