SVSU holds Cardinal College Day

Criminal justice senior Joley Hoyt talks to prospective high school student about college. Vanguard Photo Editor | Brooke Elward

Cardinal College Days are held every year to encourage students to find out what SVSU is all about. This fall, students got that experience on Sept. 18. Anyone with a possible interest in SVSU was welcomed and given a tour of campus and the different housing facilities.

They also got to speak with a professor from their chosen major as well as a financial aid representative and enjoy lunch in the Marketplace. Finally, they had the opportunity to talk with a representative about what student life at SVSU was all about as well as the various support services offered on campus.

Assistant Director of Freshmen Operations Carmen Stricker is now in her tenth year working for SVSU and helped orchestrate the event. She also provided some insight into what SVSU could offer students who chose to become cardinals.

Stricker acknowledged that as society navigates its way back to normal, covid guidelines and university mandates may not be the same at every institution. She said that this makes public outreach more important than ever.

“By constantly reaching out through various means of communication, we are able to offer that information to the community to let them know we are open for visits and have implemented safety procedures to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe visit,” she said.

Stricker also said that after an entire school year under the shadow of the pandemic, students are ready for a change of scenery.

“With so many school districts offering only virtual instruction for most of the 2021 academic year, many students are craving in-person interactions and experiences like we have always been able to offer our students,” she said. “But we are now finding modified ways to ensure the health and safety of our campus community while doing so.”

Cardinal College Day also showcases to the public the unique qualities SVSU has to offer as well as the people who define it.

“Students always comment about how friendly and personable their tour guide is and how they are able to share a vast amount of knowledge about many aspects of SVSU,” she said. “They like hearing about the personal attention they receive. We hope that a student and their family will remember a sense of belonging, that they can envision themselves joining the Cardinal Family and being a successful, thriving student.”

Stricker said that SVSU also stands out among other institutions because of its status as the most affordable four-year institution in the state of Michigan as well as its rating as the number-one public university in the entire nation when it comes to dorm rooms.

“We offer world class programs and career path opportunities, all while packaged in a modern university setting,” Stricker said.

Stricker said that while there are several ways to measure the success of Cardinal College Day, the most important element is the people who chose to attend.

“Our hope is that students and families have a better idea of what it would be like to be a part of the Cardinal Family and that they leave with no questions unanswered,” she said.

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