First Thankful Thursday event

Psychology freshman Alayna Houghten (left), marketing freshmen Jocelyn Metz (middle), and art freshmen Aysha Henderson (right) help Forever Red thank the school’s donators Vanguard Photographer | Audrey Bergey

Forever Red kicked off its first Thankful Thursday event on Sept. 16 in the president’s courtyard.

The theme for this event was “we are thankful for our campus.” Students were encouraged to join in on a campus wide scavenger hunt.

Those who completed the scavenger by the end of the day, Sunday, will be entered to win prizes.

Many students stopped by to take a minute to be thankful and walk around campus to finish the scavenger hunt.

“This Thankful Thursday event was very successful,” Macy Docken, vice president of enhance for forever red said. “We had a good turnout at the ta- ble sit and loved to watch students par- ticipate in the event.”

In the past, Forever Red had always given thanks to our SVSU students, staff and faculty in the month of November.

“With so much in life to be thankful for, Forever Red decided to expand on the event and make it a year-round,” Docken said. “At SVSU, some of the things we are thankful for include campus, friends, family, community, health, and much more.”

Forever Red decided to expand on the usual November event and turned it into a year-round event for the aca- demic year 2021-2022.

There are three more Thankful Thursdays to expect this semester.

“Next month, the thankful Thursday event will highlight how we are thank- ful for friends,” Docken said. “Forev- er Red is going to partner with Valley Nights to host a friendship move night.”

Students can expect to make friendship bracelets, eat some popcorn, and take photos at the photo booth. The film being featured will be “Luca.”

Now that Thankful Thursday is an event that will happen year round, much planning went into organizing each monthly theme.

“We are partnering with a variety of RSO’s and offices on campus to make these events the best they can be,” Docken said.

Forever Red encourages others to help and join their Thankful Thursday committee by emailing at svsufr@svsu. edu.

Students can follow Forever Red on Instagram @svsuforeverred for updates on Thankful Thursday events throughout the semester.

The next Thankful Thursday event will take place next month on Thursday, Oct. 28.

Audrey Bergey

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