Theatre department closes semester with ‘Home for the Holidays’

Home for the Holidays prerecorded on Nov. 4 using a green screen to make zoom calls. Vanguard Photo | Brooke Elward

On Dec. 1, the theatre department opened their 10th annual holiday show.

Director David Rzeszutek said that “Home for the Holidays: At Home Edition” is the first SVSU holiday production to ever be streamed virtually.

“From the beginning, the holiday show was intended to be a holiday tradition for friends and family to enjoy together,” Rzeszutek said. “This time, we are hoping to bring a little extra cheer during a tough year.”

Starting off as a 1940’s style radio show, the production quickly morphed into a virtual variety show, showcasing a wide array of scenes unlike anything the theatre department has ever done before.

Jake Fultz, a theatre senior, was one of several theatre students who wrote and directed one of the scenes performed in the show.

“This was the first time I had ever written a piece and it was really cool to see it in action, however small it may have been,” Fultz said.

Rzeszutek said the production offered a lot of great learning opportunities.

“For many of us, it was the first time using production assistants, storyboards, creating an animated short, editing film, acting on a camera, etc.,” Rzeszutek said.

A highlight of the performance was the theatre department’s first fully animated project, “The Little Match Girl.”

“The Little Match Girl” tells the story of a poor young girl trying to sell her matches in the street on New Year’s Eve. She fails and resorts to using the matches to keep herself from freezing.

“My absolute favorite was ‘The Little Match Girl,’” Fultz said. “Between Mia Berlanga’s beautiful animation and Megan Meyer’s smooth low tone narration, it really brought that story to life and told it in a very heartfelt way.”

Staying true to the holiday spirit, “Home for the Holidays” was intended to be something that everyone could find a part of their own family traditions in.

Even though holidays may look different this year, the theatre department said it believes it is important to still hold onto the charm of the holiday season.
“Keep the hope alive,” Fultz said. “It’s been a taxing year and it will continue to be for some time, but remember there is always hope.”

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