SVSU profs care about their students’ success and health

Nearly 250 days ago, the world began to shut down and seemed to collapse all around us. Things certainly didn’t improve as 2020 progressed.

Now we find ourselves in the month of November with hope in our hearts at the announcement of two highly effective vaccines that will soon be rolling out. However, the pain and suffering we’ve already endured clouds our vision of a happy future.

In times like these, there’s nothing wrong with failing to see the silver lining. Sometimes we bury our heads so deeply into the ground that we fail to observe the miracle of life that exists even in the lowest of places.

The SVSU staff has moved mountains to ensure we students can still experience the excellent education we commit ourselves to. There are many fine institutions out there, but SVSU has a certain quality that makes it stand out. That quality resides in the people.

From the administrators working to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines, to the professors staying up late to learn how to more effectively utilize their technology to virtually instruct students, tasks are being executed effectively and efficiently.

There are not a lot of colleges out there that have the caring and highly resourceful professors SVSU boasts.

I, like many of my fellow students, don’t learn nearly as well without in- person interaction. Humans are not built or wired to live with these kinds of restrictions, and while we are doing what is necessary to save lives, it also causes unintended consequences that come at a great cost to us students in particular.

SVSU professors have made up for this uncomfortable transition to a temporary “new normal” by being more flexible, understanding and caring with us.

They understand that we students still must still be responsible for our decisions and mistakes, but they understand we are all human beings going through
a pandemic, that we are dealing with different obstacles and handling them at our own pace.

SVSU professors display care and thoughtfulness that goes beyond the job description because to them teaching isn’t a job, it’s a passion.

My professors are not just transferring knowledge of their subject to me, they’re teaching me how to be a successful
adult and live through adversity with perseverance while having grit.

We are getting through this year one day at a time. We are living through times of great confusion and division. While we all deal with it differently, it’s especially difficult for young adults, particularly us college students.

Most of us are at an age where we are adults getting our first look at what the real world is like, and many of us have taken a step or two back after seeing some of what this world has in store for us.

Fortunately, there are people in our lives that ease the pain and guide us through the darkest of times.

They lead us through the good, the bad and the ugly.

They’re there for us when we are at our absolute best, and they’re there for us when we are at the end of our rope. They help us firmly grasp that last bit of tied knot and pull ourselves back into the fight.

Those people are the professors of SVSU.

They know that their duty is to help shape students to be good citizens and active members of a diverse and beautifully complex society.

I think many of us knew this from the get-go.

They told us that they care and that they are doing everything in their power to keep us safe and still provide a meaningful education for students.

SVSU has displayed time and time again that they care about the community through their unabated commitment to student success academically as well as mentally.

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