Marching band performs new show, ‘iPod Shuffle’

Director of Bands Norman Wika conducts the Cardinal Marching Band during their first livestream performance in the Harvey Wickes stadium on Sept. 21. Vanguard Photo | Brooke Elward

On Sept. 21, the Cardinal Marching Band had its first performance of the fall semester at the Harvey Randall Wickes Stadium.

The band shared its new show, iPod Shuffle, inspired by their favorite songs.

“Our inspiration for this show and the other shows we will be per- forming this semester is the idea of our iPod shuffle playlist,” said Quinton Larion, one of the drum majors. “We all have those songs that we can play on repeat day in and day out, so when we were planning our show, the marching band leadership team put together a list of songs … to build our shows this semester while staying true to the iPod shuffle theme.”

The performance included several top hits, including “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen, “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish and “Take On Me” by A-ha.

“My highlight of the performance is performing ‘Take on Me’ because not only is it a fun song from my childhood, but our arrangement of the song is quite difficult, and the band performed it impeccably,” Larion said.

He said the band wanted the focus of this performance to be its audience, not only entertaining and engaging fans, but also sharing some positive energy.

“Our main goal for this first performance was to bring music back to our audience and community, as well as share all of the work we’ve done, even through a pandemic,” Larion said.

The band has continued to focus on creating a positive environment for students and faculty, Larion explained. The students wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere where their audience can enjoy themselves, relax and, most importantly, have a great time.

“We hope to get people engaged and feel free to dance and sing along to our performance and let go of their responsibilities for a little while and just enjoy the show,” said Kylee Monahan, a clarinetist. “There is a lot of negativity and hardships happening right now, so we really want to bring music, excitement and fun to the community,”

The Cardinal Marching Band thanked its fans for their continuous support.

Monahan said whether attending performances live or streaming virtually, the fans’ presence is the band’s favorite part of every performance.

“It was so nice to hear everyone’s comments afterwards and know that people did participate and appreciate what we did,” Monahan said.

The Cardinal Marching Band plans to hold additional performances in the President’s Courtyard and Harvey Randall Wickes Stadium for students and faculty throughout the semester.

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