Elon Musk shouldn’t be admired the way he is

I can’t stand Elon Musk, and I’m getting really tired of his fanboys worshiping him and making excuses for everything he does.

He actively causes more harm than good, and people need to stop admiring him.

A lot of people admire him because they think he founded Tesla, although he was actually an early investor in the company. He later became a product architect, and then the CEO.

SpaceX, the company he did found, seems cool at first because of its goals to eventually populate Mars.

However, in the long run, it just seems like a way for people to keep destroying the Earth and shrug it off as “whatever, we’ll all be living on Mars in 20 years.”

We don’t know that we’ll be able to go to Mars for certain, and even if we did, it’s still wrong to just keep destroying things.

Many Tesla workers have complained about unjust working conditions and attempted to unionize.

Workers who were trying to start a branch of the UAW at Tesla were allegedly fired for unionizing, according to CNN.

The company’s official reasoning was that employees were fired for poor performance reviews. Employees have said they never heard any complaints about their work, but that many had union shirts and stickers and were later fired or harassed.

Musk has personally emailed Tesla workers urging them not to unionize and attempted to incentivize that with free frozen yogurt and a roller coaster in the factory, which is infantilizing. I don’t think anyone would give up a chance at better working conditions for some dessert food.

His response to the pandemic has been concerning, as well.

From tweeting misinformation at the start of the shutdowns, calling them “fascist”(while implying people would be arrested for leaving their house, which did not and has not happened). Then demanding that America re-open immediately.

His social media presence since the start of the pandemic has been like an annoying high school friend who turned into a conspiracy theorist after you lost touch.

While I’m sure he’s intelligent regarding technology, he’s not a scientist or doctor
and probably shouldn’t be making claims about the virus without sharing facts from an expert.

He has a position of power and a lot of people who look up to him, and so he has a responsibility to think about who will listen to what he says.

A lot of his fans are young and impressionable and will listen to anything, regardless of whether it’s true.

His political views, including his endorsement of Kanye West for president, are also concerning

He also tweeted “pronouns suck,” which I’m assuming is a jab at transgender people, as a frequent topic of discussions in regard to trans rights is using the right pronouns for someone. (For example, a woman may choose to use she/her pronouns, a man may choose to use he/him pronouns, a non-binary person may choose to use they/them pronouns or other ones.)

People constantly use “But pronouns!! Hahaha!” to make transphobic jokes, without realizing that pronouns are a basic part of speech. We all use pronouns when referring to any person or thing besides its proper name.

Considering his history with being anti- union, Musk also re-opened his Tesla Fremont plant illegally in May, potentially putting employees in danger. He’s frequently shown that he doesn’t care about his employees.

All the serious issues aside, I’m tired of seeing that meme of him smoking weed on the Joe Rogan podcast. Also, what kind of pretentious weirdo names their child X Æ A-Xii. That’s just a bunch of random letters, numbers, and symbols. Seriously, do you just want your kid to be bullied?


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