Scrunchies are the best hair ties you can own

Scrunchies are by far the most superior hair tie.

Sure, you have your classic hair ties, the little rubber band ones and the ones that look like phone cords, but scrunchies beat out all of these.

While many types of hair ties claim to not damage your hair, they’re lying. In my experience, every other form of hair tie hasn’t done its job.

Scrunchies, however, aren’t lying. They won’t rip out your hair when you take the
ponytail out, and instead they will glide out smoothly.

When using classic hair ties or the rubber bands ones, they rip out hair and make you wonder how you have any hair left.

There’s also a great variety of scrunchies that you can buy.

If you’re feeling especially fun, you can get one of the scrunchies with the long flowy ribbons. If you’re feeling a little less fun, you can get the cute shirt-tied ribbon that looks like a bow.

Because scrunchies have way more surface area than normal hair ties, you can get them with cute patterns, like a floral look, or even a design from your favorite show or movie. You can get ones with stripes or polka dots or really any pattern that you can think of.

They also come in all sorts of colors, and because they’re so much bigger than plain boring hair ties, the color will pop out and be noticeable.

Scrunchies also double as an accessory. If you don’t want to wear it in your hair, you can wear it around your wrist as a bracelet.

If you’re in the mood to really make a fashion statement, your scrunchie can match your outfit. A really great plan would be to have your scrunchie match your mask.

Not only would you be stylish but you would be doing the decent thing and
wearing a mask, too.

Because scrunchies are superior, they won’t leave indents in your wrist like normal ponytails do.

If you accidentally fall asleep with your scrunchie on your wrist, you won’t wake with a sore wrist area.

Another benefit to scrunchies is that they are super simple to make.

All you need is some spare fabric and a little bit of elastic. You just sew it together and, boom, you have a scrunchie.

So to anyone who likes to put their hair up, I would recommend that you forgot the other forms of hair ties and instead buy some scrunchies.

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