Politicians need to actually represent the people

The sad state of American politics is that, more often than not, we walk into our polling location with the mindset of voting for the lesser of two evils.

That isn’t how a presidential election should work.

Our candidates should be qualified individuals. We should be debating over who will do the most good, not the most harm.

I could go on and on for ages about how much I despise our current president and how disgusting I find him and his administration, but it isn’t just Trump.

My disappointment extends to the entire system.

I want to vote for someone I believe in, someone whose values I agree with, someone who will fight for the causes I care about.

Instead, I have to vote for Biden because anything else is a vote for Trump. Biden is the only other person who stands a chance.

And Biden sucks.

It’s frustrating to feel like I don’t actually have a choice, to realize that maybe the system makes it this way on purpose.

How can we call ourselves the United States when our political system sets us up to be totally polarized?

How can we actually make changes and move our country forward when these two supposedly opposing parties aren’t even that different?

I’ve been seeing a lot of internet posts lately about how Republicans say something gross and then Democrats say that same gross thing, but with a smile.

Yeah, because that makes a big difference. But these posts are accurate, unfortunately, when you really look at what the two parties are saying and doing.

It’s not enough.

It’s not enough to be an old white man with money.

Maybe it was back in George Washington’s time, but it isn’t now.

Modern times call for modern solutions.

I want our politicians to represent all the people, and not just the old white men.

I want my vote to mean something, to make a difference.

Sadly, there isn’t a quick fix.

All we can do is encourage the younger generations to make their voices heard, to get involved in politics, to make the changes the older generations won’t.

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