Vanguard staff on how to stay active during the shelter-in-place

Learn about all the different ways you can walk and do yoga. We’ll coordinate better next time – promise.

Abby Lawson: Yoga

I am absolutely not flexible. I do not love traditional workouts, and you will never catch me running at the gym or powerlifting.

What I do love – and what has brought me peace during this time – is grounding into my body, practicing mindfulness and connecting to the Earth around me. One of my favorite ways to truly quiet my mind yet still remain active is yoga.

Yoga has gained lots of celebrity, and media attention in modern years, but nonetheless I find it a valuable, impactful practice. I make a point to do a yoga “workout” at least once per day. Yoga isn’t about pushing yourself to exhaustion – it’s about hearing, respecting and challenging your body in a new way.

Some YouTube channels that have really helped me understand the practice of yoga are Yoga with Adriene, Yoga by Candace and Yoga with Kassandra. Each of these channels has hundreds of at-home yoga workouts with modifications for all bodies.

I also enjoy meditation videos and use the apps Yoga for Beginners, Headspace and Calm to help me sleep, relax and meditate. Yoga helps you refocus, connect to your body and remain active – plus it helps fill up quarantine time. Yoga can be done anywhere. Just grab a towel or a mat and play a video.

Audrey Bergey: Going for a Morning Walk

I enjoy waking up early and taking a walk with my sister. I end up feeling more energized and ready for the day. If I stay in bed too long, I develop a tension headache that takes at least an hour or so to go away. It helps me clear my mind, which is also very important while being stuck at home.

Even if you aren’t a morning person, walking whenever during the day or right before the sun goes down is just as great as an early morning walk. Take a cup of coffee (or tea), plug in some headphones or just enjoy the sounds of nature while walking down the road or a little trail nearby.

Take the time to clear your mind and breathe. This helps improve your mood, which is good for any workout you may have planned later in the day. Other benefits include an increase in your metabolism if done before eating a meal like breakfast. Remember to always take care of yourself physically and mentally, even when life throws obstacles in your way. Appreciate what is around you and go outside and take a walk.

Connor Rousseau: Walking or Going Outside

It’s not easy being told to shelter-in-place and social distance yourself from your friends and family. Fortunately, there are still many ways in which we can stay active in our lives, both physically and mentally.

The great thing about going for a walk is that you not only get fresh air, but you also get your body moving and your endorphins released, boosting your mood and overall self-esteem. I am guilty of finding myself cooped up in my room for many days on end, and it is a truly nasty and depressing feeling. Even with all of this time suddenly given to me to do so many things around the house, I still find myself wasting the days away.

That is why going outside and simply taking even a 15-minute walk can make all the difference. Getting physically active will inspire you to be productive and catch up on all the online courses you’ve procrastinated so far.

These are challenging times for all of us, so start small if you must. Spend 10 minutes just sitting outside and feeling the breeze and hearing the birds. Then try going for a walk. Listen to music if you think that would help, but make that effort to get outside and keep an active body and mind, even when your brain is screaming at you to succumb to a sedentary lifestyle.

Melissa Vennix: Walking… but with a dog

During self-isolation, I’m lucky enough to have the company of my dog, cat and boyfriend. We have access to a large yard for walks and to enjoy the little bit of good weather we’re starting to get. Every day since school and work have gone virtual, I’ve taken my dog on a walk or two or three. We usually walk in the morning, at lunch when I need a break from work and after I get done working at my computer for the day. Taking walks throughout the day keeps me focused while I’m working and prevents me from just sitting around all day. Oakley loves being outside, so he’s going to be super bummed when we all go back to work.

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