Cardinals react to COVID-19: Students and faculty sound off

John Baesler, History Chairman

“This is absolutely the right decision. The inconvenience of having to move classes online pales in sight of the possibility that the United States could see a severe medical emergency like the one we are currently witnessing in Italy. The time for proactive measures is before you reach a crisis point.”

Beth Jorgensen, PTW Professor

“I’m both frustrated and relieved about the campus going online. Frustrated because I want to provide the best education I can for my students, and face-to-face contact is really important to my curriculum and pedagogy. Frustrated that the country wasn’t locked down faster, so this virus was allowed to spread. Frustrated by a public that thinks it’s an over-reaction or who want to politicize it as some sort of attack against the White House. Frustrated by people who think it’s just the ‘flu’ and don’t take precautions. Scared because my pregnant daughter flew home to Vancouver via Detroit on Saturday. Relieved that my university administration is taking it seriously enough to protect our campus community, and by doing so, protecting the larger ‘herd.’”

“Stay safe, my friend. Wash your hands.”

Curtis Grosse, Mathematics Lecturer

“The evolution of the University for that, let’s face it, trend of the future. Ultimately as a facility and an institution we will look back on it saying, ‘Oh, you know, it got us more current.’”

“… I think there is some learning associated with going through something like (canceling classes). It will mimic the extent of the real world. I mean it’s not as cookie cutter, as you know the academic world is. It is not all that different.”

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