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Student Association: Jan. 27

Student Association announced that Cardinal Ball tickets will cost $15 this year. The dance takes place at the Dow Event Center on Feb. 21, 8 p.m. to midnight. Transportation, a cash bar and appetizers will be available. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets can do so this week outside the Marketplace and library.

Diversity Chair Ceceilia Hopkins confirmed with SA that its logo will appear on a T-shirt for an event it is sponsoring with The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. The issue was raised during the last SA house meeting, as some members were concerned about sponsoring the event for $1,000 without having the SA logo on advertisement for Think Fast, a Family Feud-styled event. The event is scheduled for Feb. 22. A basketball game will kick off the event. The T-shirts will be handed out during the basketball game.

Hopkins and other SA members have begun tablesits for the upcoming Poetry Slam on Feb. 19 in the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum at 6 p.m. Students are invited to listen or perform their favorite Black History Month poems.

Campus Events Director Thomas Metiva wrote a resolution to add $1,200 from the unallocated budget to buy decorations and transportation for the Cardinal Ball. He said his original budget for the event omitted transportation costs. The Blue Lakes Charter bus will cost a flat rate of $850, and students will be asked to put down a $5 deposit to reserve a seat on the bus. They will get the $5 back at the end of the night, but the deposit is insurance so that if a student reserves a seat and does not ride, SA has money to compensate for the lost seat. The remaining $350 would go to purchasing decorations, including a photo booth, archways, candles, lights, floral arrangements and centerpieces. The resolution passed unanimously, 17-17.

President’s Forum: Jan. 30
SVSU President Don Bachand said the Marketplace has created late-night hours as a pilot program. He said the program was a result of student feedback from previous forums, as SVSU saw a need for more latenight dining options.

A student brought up a clause in the occupational therapy syllabus, which states that students’ grades may be raised or lowered depending on professional behavior. The student said that the clause was vague and led students to question its impact on their final grades. J.J. Boehm, the interim executive director of University Communications, said the clause came from a state wide handbook but could stand to be clarified.

Another student asked about online class spaces that students pay for through access codes. He wanted to know how the university could justify “hidden fees” beyond normal tuition and textbooks. Dean of Students Sidney Childs assured him the situation was “being evaluated.”

The same student asked why the library does not carry the textbooks professors require for their classes. He suggested that the library carry a single copy of each required textbook as a reference. Bachand said when faculty have previously tried leaving single copies at the reference desk, the books were not returned or stolen. He added that the sheer number of books that faculty require are too much for the library to keep up with.

Students asked about the progress with the new business building. Bachand said the building will open Feb. 24, and the temporary stairs in Curtiss will at that time be removed. Another student brought up the upcoming renovations to Middle Grove. The student said the hot water is currently malfunctioning despite repeated maintenance requests. Bachand said work on Middle Grove is expected to run May 6 to Aug. 9 and will include renovations to counters, floors and bathrooms.

Bachand said progress is going well with the new downtown Saginaw satellite location. Boehm offered a “soft target” for opening the new location after spring break. The university needs an official signoff from the fire marshal before opening.

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