SA approves Nightline payments, highlights events

STARS payment resolution

Student Association unanimously accepted a reapproval to pay STARS $7,500 for the Nightline program that ran 2016-2018. Nightline provided free transportation to SVSU students from SVSU to various locations in Saginaw. SA agreed to pay for half of the program, and STARS paid the other half. Nightline saw rider counts fall during the program’s second year, so SA opted not to renew its contract with STARS.

SA found out this year that STARS was disputing the contract after an internal audit found SA had not paid for the contract, according to SA President Hunter Koch and SA Speaker Nora Lipetzky.

Koch said STARS was supposed to be paid by SA two years ago, and SA thought they had been.

“Money that was supposed to go to it from the contingency fund got removed from the budget (from two years ago),” Koch said.

Koch explained that STARS discovered the error after an internal audit found the unpaid invoice. The company then rebilled SVSU for Nightline this year. Because SA initially had passed a resolution to pay STARS two years ago, SA had to reapprove the resolution in the current year to process payment.

The payment would come from SA’s reserves, which currently sit at $31,800.

Lipetzky said SA checked with accounts payable and other offices to ensure SA had in fact not paid the invoice and avoid accidentally double-paying.

“Even if you vote no, SVSU would take the funds, anyway, because we are in debt to STARS,” Koch said to SA members before voting.

The reapproval passed unanimously.

Think Fast resolution

SA passed a resolution to fund a diversity month event hosted by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. Think Fast, a Family Feud-styled event, will take place during February. A basketball game will kick off the event.

The resolution would result in SA contributing $1,000 toward the event. Half of the money would go to T-shirts featuring famous African Americans, and the shirts would be given to attendees during the basketball game for free. The other $500 would fund additional costs related to Think Fast.

Diversity Chairwoman Cecelia Hopkins said Multicultural Student Affairs would have to pay a large liability fee to host the event on campus, which is why it was asking SA to help sponsor it.

The $1,000 would come from SA’s unallocated funds, which currently sit at $6,784.

Some SA members expressed concerns about the cost, noting that $500 for t-shirts seemed pricey, especially if SA’s logo would not be featured on them. Others said SA did not help sponsor the event last year because it was not presented with an expense breakdown of how the $1,000 was spent. They said SA should not sponsor it this year for the same reason.

Other members countered and said the event was not about SA, and saying no to the resolution because their logo would not be on the shirts was “selfish.”

The resolution passed 14-3.

I Have a Dream Table Sit: Jan. 27-29, 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs will team up with SA for this Diversity Month event. Hopkins and other SA members will be stationed outside the Marketplace and the library, asking students what their dreams are.

By Feb. 1, the beginning of diversity month, SA will hang the dreams around SVSU to share Cardinal dreams with students and faculty.

Cardinal Ball: Friday, Feb. 21., 8 p.m. – midnight

SA will host its annual ball at The Dow Event Center in Saginaw. SA said ticket prices have not been finalized but will most likely be the same as last year – $16 for single tickets or $30 for two. Transportation options will be announced closer to the event.

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