Sophomore kicker named D2’s Player of The Week

McCrary and freshman defensive lineman Ryan Cornejo walk to the field at a home game. Vanguard Photo | Matthew Hintz

Connor Luksic, a sophomore kicker on SVSU’s football team, was awarded D2’s Special Teams Player of the Week.

To determine who gets D2’s Special Teams Player of the Week Award, the organization combines every player’s stats from the last game. Earning Player of the Week means Luksic did the best out of everyone in his position group out of the whole conference.

Luksic appeared and started all 11 games of football his freshman year and had a 67 percent field goal completion percentage. He has been playing football since he was a freshman in high school back in Springboro, Ohio.

Luksic said his teammates were the reason he earned the award.

“It means a lot to me to get this award. I don’t take all the credit,” he said. “Who really gets this award with me is my 10 other guys that are out there with me, blocking for me and making sure I have enough time to do my thing.”

Head coach Ryan Brady said he was excited to see one of his own earn these awards.

“It is always great when a member of our team gets recognized for their accomplishments on the field,” Brady said. “Awards like these typically come when an athlete creates a tremendous impact on the game, which as a result helps our team earn a victory. Football is a team sport, and without all 11 members working as one, an award like this would not be achieved.”

Brady said he was proud of how much Luksic had grown in his time knowing him.

“Luksic is a valued member of our team,” he said. “He shows up each day with an earn-it mentality, and he is willing to pay the price that success requires.”

Brady said Luksic deserved the award.

“Luksic was deserving of this award because he showed up and performed at a very high level, and that is what it took to help our team win,” Brady said. “He consistently punted the ball in a way that the coverage aspect of our punt unit could down the ball inside of Michigan Tech’s 5-yard line.”

Luksic said those who helped him receive the award deserved recognition too.

“My dad and grandparents have done so much for me, and I do it (back to) them,” he said. “I also do it for my team. I have never been as close with a team as I am with this one. They’re my brothers. My biggest supporter is my dad. He has supported me ever since I started playing. He has been at every single practice and game since I’ve been at Saginaw Valley State University.”

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