SA discusses upcoming year during first house meeting

Student Association (SA) held a house meeting on Monday, Sept. 9, to discuss current initiatives and upcoming events.

With the new school year, they welcomed new representatives and initiatives.

President Hunter Koch, a public administration master’s student, opened the meeting with a welcome to the new representatives and an introduction of the overarching goals of SA.

“I’m looking forward to the next year of working with you all,” Koch said. “We’ve been working on a lot of things, particularly with my cabinet.”

Koch said they are going to work on a vision for 2020.

“We will be rolling out our plan very shortly to put that into action and build across the campus community our student-led vision of what we would like to see the next couple years,” he said.

Representative and nursing sophomore Rachael Johnson has been leading the free menstrual product initiative, which will provide free menstrual products in bathrooms across campus.

“I’m working on getting free tampons and pads hopefully in every bathroom on campus, but we’re just starting with a few bathrooms for now,” Johnson said. “Yesterday, I put out five baskets in five different bathrooms around campus that have tampons and pads in them. So far, there’s been a lot of success.”

SA plans on implementing several initiatives that are important to RSOs across campus. They plan to focus on promoting diversity by working with multicultural RSOs.

“I’ve been working on the RSO mixers that I plan to have,” said Diversity Chair Cecelia Hopkins. “I plan on having them two weeks after BOV on a Thursday. During this time, we will invite multicultural RSO’s to come and tell their mission statements to us, discuss diversity and what they would want from SA.”

In addition to initiatives, SA has begun planning several events for the upcoming school year.

“Tailgates will be Sept. 14, Sept. 28, and Oct. 5, and they are themed,” said Campus Events Director Thomas Metiva. “At these tailgates, we will be giving out hot dogs and water.”

SA will also host a conference in November for student government bodies from Michigan universities.

“We have four people registered total (for the conference),” said parliamentarian and accounting sophomore Abby Smith. “Student governments from all around the state of Michigan will come together … it’s a good way to meet other student leaders and to really get involved.”

SA also appointed three new representatives on Monday following a review session including a 5-minute presentation by the candidate, a 10-minute question and answer session and a private discussion.

SA will stream their next house meeting on their Facebook page Monday, Sept. 23.

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