“IT: Chapter Two” falls short of viewers’ expectations

If you’re a horror fanatic like me, you would have been super pumped for the premiere of “IT: Chapter Two,” the sequel to the “IT” remake.

I am here to tell you it’s nowhere as good as “IT: Chapter One.”

I remember when “IT: Chapter One” came out and I paid to see it three times in theaters. This time around, I bought my tickets in advance, but I probably would not waste my time or money to see it more than once.

The movie revolves around the Losers’ Club 27 years after the first movie takes place.

They are all adults at this point and haven’t spoken to each other in years. They are all called back to their hometown of Derry by their old friend Mike, who believes Pennywise is back.

Let’s start with comparing the scare factor, the most important thing in horror movies, like this: In “Chapter Two,” it was just was not there.

The whole point of a sequel is to mark the importance of the villain, but in this movie they barely showed Pennywise.

In the first movie, all of the jump scares were based around seeing a creepy clown or a few shots of Pennywise manipulating each kid’s fears.

In the second movie, the monsters barely pertained to any of the adults’ fears, and Pennywise was only in about 25 minutes of the three hour movie.

The jump scares in “Chapter One” were actually unexpected, whereas in “Chapter Two,” you could pretty much predict where each scare was going to be.

“Chapter One” definitely had the better scares.

Next, the actors, obviously starting with kids in “Chapter One” and going on with adults in “Chapter Two” is a big jump.

In “Chapter One,” the kids were lively and hilarious, but also had real, raw fear in the scary scenes.

The adults in “Chapter Two” were still great at acting, but there seemed to be some sort of disconnect between the kids and the adults.

It almost seemed as if they were just a whole new set of people rather than older versions of the kids.

Bill Hader in “Chapter Two” was probably one of the only highlights of the new cast, whereas all the characters in “Chapter One” were remarkable and likeable.

Next is the actual plot of the two movies. “Chapter One” was obviously about a group of kids who were being terrorized by a clown, which they had to kill.

“Chapter Two” was so thrown together, it didn’t make much sense. I’m sure if you read the book it would’ve made sense, but even if you didn’t, you could still understand “Chapter One” better than “Chapter Two.”

“Chapter One” was sequentially understandable, whereas “Chapter Two” randomly got these adults together within the first five minutes, and then a Native American ritual was thrown into the mix.

The ending also didn’t make sense; I won’t spoil much, but it seemed like the whole movie was just a waste with the way they killed Pennywise.

To sum that all up, the sequel didn’t live up to the first movie. The only reason to go see “Chapter Two” is to wrap up the story.

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