Nursing program aims to attract more students

After conducting student surveys, SVSU’s Nursing Department will be making several changes to its program to attract more students.

Changes include:

• Making classes solely online rather than in person.

• Allowing students to begin the program at three points during each academic year, rather than only in the fall semester.

• Allowing students to work at their own pace, rather than requiring them to take a predetermined schedule of classes that start in the fall and end in the following fall semester.

• Adding electives to the program that can also count toward SVSU’s Master of Science in Nursing program.

Karen Brown-Fackler, the chair of SVSU’s Department of Nursing, said that these changes will help foster student success.

“We want to make sure our students succeed,” Brown-Fackler said. “It may take some students longer and be more difficult to get in, but we want to assure success and help them better assume the role of an RN.”

A “clinical judgment” study in which students can get real practice in a clinical area will be added to the course load, as well.

“It’s a matter of noticing and taking clinical judgment of what we need to take action on,” Brown-Fackler said. “Nurses have to be safe and able to make clinical judgment.”

Required textbooks are now all online, and a package of access codes can be specially purchased at the bookstore.

Jeralyn Glod, a nursing junior, was required to buy the package.

“The textbook package was a big change for those of us who had already started the program before this fall,” Glod said.

The package will include e-books as well as online journals and “Nursing Concepts Online,” a set of adaptive quizzes.

For some classes, these online quizzes are part of the grading process.

“Without this package, it will be impossible to pass our courses with the grade we need to progress in the program, forcing everyone to purchase the package,” Glod said. “However, it does seem to include features that will be beneficial to our success in the nursing program, so overall I am not upset about the change.”

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