Mentor program offers advice to incoming freshmen

Students Encouraging Freshmen (SEF) aims to provide a welcoming and supportive unit for incoming students, as well as be an organized source of fun and stress relief for students during the sometimes very stressful time of adjusting to campus life.

Through this group, we hope to strengthen the bonds between freshmen and upperclassmen, as well as make the freshmen comfortable during their transition into college.

This year, SEF is starting a campus-wide, first-year mentorship program. Our mentors compiled our best advice for freshmen.

First of all, set up a plan for organization, whether this is a planner or a daily white board.

It is very important to stay organized because college can get really complicated.

You can get overwhelmed if you don’t keep track of your time and responsibilities.

Besides, sometimes it just feels good to check something off a list.

Next: meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. Some people talk about the “Freshmen 15,” which basically says that you will gain weight your freshmen year due to eating junk food.

This can happen because you run out of time to cook something healthy. Some students also struggle with just skipping meals.

If you cook all of your meals for the week on a Saturday or Sunday, then you can eliminate this problem.

Never be afraid to go to the Academic Advising Center.

Not only are they there to help you set up your classes, they can also act as additional friends or mentors on campus. They are there to help.

Do not stress about going to visit professors during their office hours.

They are there to help you, and they have office hours for a reason.

Any questions you have about the class can be best answered by them because they created the course.

Get involved on campus.

There are so many organizations on campus, each dedicated to different things.

Find the ones that interest you and go to a meeting.

One meeting does not equal commitment, so don’t worry about getting stuck in a club you don’t like.

Not only will activities get you involved in your community, but also you can make some great friends.

Lastly, the counseling center is here for you.

Mental health is extremely important to take care of, and the counseling center can help with this. Never be afraid to ask for help taking care of yourself.

SEF hopes you find this advice useful.

If you are a first-year student looking for guidance, our mentorship was created for you.

Please think about joining us.

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