Major renovations set for Pine Grove central apartments

Pine Grove central apartments will be undergoing major renovations totaling approximately $1.8 million once the winter semester ends. The project is expected to be completed by early August in time for the fall semester.

While the apartments have received maintenance, they have not undergone a renovation of this capacity.

“The Pine Grove Central housing complex was constructed in 1986,” said Jim Muladore, the executive vice president for Administration and Business Affairs. “Although the complex has received routine maintenance, new roofing and various other updates throughout its existence, at 33 years of age, it is time for a major renovation.”

The goal of the project is to keep the living areas up to date.

“All of SVSU’s facilities, including student housing, are highly maintained,” Muladore said. “Our strategy has been and will continue to emphasize the commitment of adequate resources to prevent any significant backlog of deferred maintenance on our campus. We believe this approach is less costly to SVSU in the long run. Additionally, maintaining state-of-the-art facilities is a major point of emphasis in the University’s strategic plan.”

According to Muladore, it is important to the University that students have the best living environment possible.

“The University is committed to providing its residential students well-designed, functional, safe and affordable housing,” he said.

A benefit of the commitment is that SVSU can continue to be highly ranked for its housing.

“Projects of this scope are one element which contributes to maintaining the recognition SVSU has received for its 2019 Best Dorms ranking,” Muladore said.

The project will be funded through Auxiliary reserves.

“The renovations are funded from Auxiliary System capital and deferred maintenance reserves,” Muladore said. “The Auxiliary System comprises activities that are self-supporting, such as Student Housing, Campus Dining, the bookstore and Conferencing.”

According to Dawn Iseler, the director of Auxiliary Operations, there will be two bedrooms in the apartments both capable of fitting two beds.

“Rooms will be configured using the shared bedroom model, two bedrooms with four people,” Iseler said. “However, the capacity of the rooms fluctuates with demand for housing each academic year. In recent years, we have been able to rent some of the units as two-person single bedroom units.”

The renovations will take place on the interiors and exteriors of the apartments.

“On the interior, we are refreshing a great deal of the space, including hard flooring in the common areas, carpeting in bedrooms, painting, removing built-in features and installing modular furniture in bedrooms, … LED lighting, soft seating, … and other minor improvements,” Iseler said. “On the exterior, new siding, balconies, LED lighting and stairwells will be addressed. Other items within heating/cooling systems will be evaluated, such as water heaters, furnaces and air conditioning for replacement as needed.”

According to Iseler, it is important for SVSU to maintain housing because it helps attract students.

“Living on campus is a choice; however, residents continue to desire the convenience, community and college experience of living close to resources,” she said. “…. By continually investing back into the facilities and services offered, living on campus continues to be a popular option and reinforces the vision of Auxiliary Operations.”

Having students live on campus benefits not only SVSU but also the students themselves.

“By offering state-of-the-art facilities and providing first-class service, we attract residents, new and returners, who benefit from the residential experience that supports their collegiate success on campus,” Iseler said.

Reported by Shelby Mott, Vanguard Reporter

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