AAUW hosts first Vagina Monologues

SVSU’s American Association of University Women (AAUW) put on its production of Eve Ensler’s 1996 “The Vagina Monologues” on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. in the TSAR.

The show cost $5 to attend. All proceeds from the performance went to the Bay Area Women’s Center.

The monologues were put together by author Eve Ensler in the 1990s after she interviewed 200 women of all ages and backgrounds about their vaginas.

The show featured a series of monologues written by women that presented a wide array of viewpoints and opinions on the vagina. It put the experience of being a woman into words and in a way that everyone could relate to.

Sara Chase, an elementary education junior, brought AAUW to SVSU in the winter of 2018, and she is currently the president of the organization. It was her idea to perform the show for the public.

Actresses included Chase, Alina DeVoogd, Katie Hartupee-Malett, Caitlyn Stanley and Vanguard reporters Shelby Mott and Maria Ranger.

The actresses in the show knew the subject matter could make audience members of any gender feel awkward.

“Honestly, the audience (felt) uncomfortable at first,” Chase said. “We have been conditioned to think that ‘vagina’ is a dirty word and just something we don’t talk about as a society.”

The sentiment was shared by members of the audience.

“It wouldn’t feel this awkward if it was something we talked about more,” said Brantley Wilson, a psychology freshman.

Some of the pieces were serious, and women discussed sexual assault or genital mutilation. Others were light-hearted and funny.

Despite the awkwardness, the audience and actresses were left feeling like a barrier had been broken down.

“I hope that people left the show feeling empowered and understanding more about the vagina and what it means to be a woman,” Chase said.

Reported from Micali Gadola, Vanguard Reporter

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