Women need to forget differences and support each other

Recently, I’ve become more aware of how important it is for women to look out for each other.

So often, we’re taught that other women are our enemies or competition, when that’s far from the case. We should look out for and support each other.

Before, I’ve seen people share memes that say something along the lines of “if only this girl knew what her scummy boyfriend was messaging me.”

You can tell her. I’m sure she’d like to know if her boyfriend is trying to cheat on her. It may be awkward, and she may not want to believe you, but at least you can say you tried to do the right thing and tell her.

I also think it’s important to keep an eye on the people that your friends are dating.

If you notice a red flag in your friend’s partner, you should tell them rather than hold back. It could help prevent them from getting in a toxic or abusive relationship.

Again, it may be uncomfortable, but it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve heard stories of women who have gone up to other women who were being bothered by a creepy guy and pretended to be their friend so the guy would leave them alone. I think it’s so important that we have each others’ backs in situations like this.

It’s important to be aware of your
surroundings in public for your own safety, but also for other people’s as well, because you may be able to help them out.

Another good thing to do is make sure to ask your friends to text or call you when they get home from hanging out with you.

If they don’t get back to you within a reasonable amount of time, contact them and make sure they’re OK.

This is especially relevant if they’re walking home in a city or on a college campus.

Yet another important thing is watching out for your friends if they try online dating.

A good general guideline that I would recommend is to send a screenshot of your date’s profile to a friend or two so they know what they look like, and tell them where you are going and what time and when you expect to be back.

Someone may seem like a good person, but putting some safety measures in place in case something goes wrong is never a bad idea.

I also want to talk about ways women can support each other besides safety measures.

So often, we’re taught to compare ourselves to other women and either bring ourselves or other people down. Instead of focusing on jealousy, give out compliments.

I know that it makes my day if someone says they like my makeup or outfit, so I love to tell people the same.

You may even make new friends because of it.

I actually met one of my friends at a floor meeting in my old dorm when she complimented my lipstick and I gave her coupons for the site I ordered it from.

However, it’s important to notice things besides looks. Admire each other for things like strength, intelligence, leadership and kindness.

If someone gives a speech in one of your classes that was amazing, don’t be jealous. Tell her what a good job she did and maybe ask if she has any advice for how you can improve.

Spreading kindness and support is so important.

There are a lot of scary things out in the world, but if we team up, we can help make those things less of a threat.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others or isolating ourselves, we should reach out and become friends.

Opinion from Maria Ranger, Vanguard Reporter


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