New movie accurately portrays charming killer Ted Bundy

“Extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile” were the words used to describe serial killer Ted Bundy’s heinous acts during the 1970s and 80s.

Those words are now also being used as the title of an upcoming Ted Bundy movie starring Zac Efron as the lead and Lily Collins as Bundy’s girlfriend, Liz.

The trailer for the movie, however, is getting major backlash.

The trailer includes a very upbeat rock track that rolls through the entire video, Efron as Bundy making humorous and witty comments, and many girls questioning his guiltiness. The trailer has been getting backlash, mainly on Twitter, for “romanticizing a serial killer.”

Ted Bundy was so notorious because no one suspected a man of his stature to be a murderer. He was smart, humorous, and insanely attractive in his time. Throughout his court trials, he’d even win the crowd
over with his witty comments and outbursts claiming his innocence.

Those saying the trailer is “romanticizing Bundy” obviously have no clue about his character; he literally used his charm to lure in his victims. His personality was a big part of his crimes.

The trailer shows this side of Bundy well, in my opinion.

Plus, it is only a trailer, so we only get the exterior of the movie (much like we get the exterior of Bundy himself). It shows how everyone viewed the criminal; a heartthrob, so to speak. I don’t think it obsesses over him so much as it really depicts why he got away with so much.

Rumor has it, the movie is also shot through the perspective of Liz. Liz most likely saw Bundy as someone near and dear to her heart, not someone who would be capable of such things. That’s probably why the trailer looks so whimsical as well; she believed he was innocent for a long time.

Efron playing Bundy also is great casting because Efron is a great looking guy (not someone who would murder… Sound familiar?).

A lot of people also complained about the music, saying it’s too “upbeat” and “happy.”

The trailer isn’t a horror movie, nor is it altogether a thriller. If it were to be any other track, like you would find in a horror or suspense movie, it just wouldn’t have fit. It really wouldn’t have. The music is quick and hardcore but still shaky and anxious.

I think it fits well with the whole situation: trying to catch a killer who is so sure he is innocent and will do anything to prove it. Bundy blew up in so many of his trials because he was so sure he didn’t do the things they accused him of. The music fits well, being loud like the trials were and buoyant like Bundy appeared to be.

The trailer also shows Bundy pursuing Liz sensually, which is another way they apparently turned the serial killer movie into a “romantic film.”

Like I said earlier, it’s said to be in the perspective of Liz. If Liz had relations with Bundy – which she did – they’re going to show it. She fell for this man, much like others did. It’s going to be shown that way.

If it isn’t in the perspective of Liz, it still portrays Bundy as a personable guy – which he was. I don’t see anything wrong with telling it like it was.

Overall, the trailer peaked my interest. It didn’t turn me off from seeing the movie in the slightest. It isn’t “romanticizing” a killer; it’s telling a true story.

The music was fitting, the scenes and comments were perfect, and the casting of Efron to play Bundy couldn’t have been better.

If you are educated about the story, you’d understand the trailer. I am more than excited to see what the whole movie holds.

Reported by Abby Welsh, Vanguard Reporter

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