Students explore new groups at RSO fair

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., students and organizations came to the TSAR for Student Life’s Winter RSO Fair.

Over 50 RSOs came to represent their organizations, and the TSAR was full of students throughout the event.

A wide range of RSOs attended the event, including several fraternities and sororities, as well as honors societies.

Valley Nights gave out popcorn to attendees, and Student Life gave away $100 worth of SVSU swag.

Cardinal Radio also had Guitar Hero available outside of their office, which is adjacent to the TSAR.

Aubrey Hausig, an occupational therapy sophomore who represented Forever Red, had a full sheet of prospective members with over two hours left of the event.

“Forever Red was represented here last year, too,” she said. “We have had several students come up to the table this year expressing interest in our RSO.”

Hausig believes that the RSO fairs offer students the opportunity to learn more about getting involved on campus.

“With it being the winter semester, things start to settle down and there are less events going on, so students have more time to explore RSOs,” she said. “There’s been a great turn out so far, and we’ve been able to talk to students about some of the events Forever Red hosts.”

Some of those events include Dinner with 50, where SVSU students have lunch and network with alumni who are in their fields of study.

Jerry Harris, a political science senior, also came to the RSO fair to spread awareness of The Organization of Black Unity (OBU) and some of their upcoming events.

“It’s important for OBU to come to the RSO fairs so that students know and learn about us,” he said. “As a black unity organization, many people think we’re socialist, and that’s not true. We accept members of all colors, races, ages and ethnicity. We welcome all points of view.”

He also saw the fair as a reminder that students and RSOs should be working together, not competing against each other.

“RSOs on campus should be focusing on working together to create a bigger impact on the student population, not fighting each other for more members or one-upping each other’s’ events,” he said.

For Harris, the fair provides an opportunity for RSOs to help one another educate students about on-campus groups and events.

“The RSO Fair is a great example of RSOs coming together,” Harris said. “Not to get more names on their forms than other RSOs, but to inform students about the great opportunities available on campus.”

Madelyn Douglas, a computer science freshman, came to the fair to help represent Cat Club.

“We meet every other Wednesday and volunteer every other Friday together,” she said. “When we volunteer, we go to Amazing Grace Cat Shelter and we help socialize the cats, we clean out their litter boxes … and for meetings, we get together, talk about cats and do fun games.”

She also enjoyed exploring the other RSOs in attendance.

“I want to branch out to find new clubs and friends,” she said. “I’ve been looking at Students Encouraging Freshmen. I’ve also been looking at The Pride Center. It’s been fun; I really enjoyed it.”

Reporting by Kaitlyn Farley, Vanguard Editor-in-Chief

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