Winter RSO Fair to promote 50 student organizations

Student Life will host its annual Winter RSO Fair on Wednesday, Jan. 23, from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. in the Thompson Student Activities Room (TSAR).

Over 50 organizations will be in attendance.

The fair allows RSOs to promote their organizations, network with other RSOs and recruit more students.

From a student standpoint, those interested in becoming more involved on campus have the opportunity to meet members from a wide range of organizations and find which RSOs align with their interests.

“It’s an opportunity for any students that are interested in getting involved in the winter semester,” said Assistant Director for Student Life Tony Cianciolo. “We want to make sure our RSOs have an opportunity to promote themselves.”

During the fall semester, Student Life puts on CARDS Party, a much larger event that is held in the Ryder Center and welcomes local businesses and other attractions.

While the magnitude of the Winter RSO Fair is much smaller, the purpose is similar.

In order to have a table at the event, RSOs had to register by last Tuesday.

Many of SVSU’s Greek organizations use the fair to get a head start on recruiting.

“We are looking to recruit a group of men that are looking to join a lifelong brotherhood and want to improve themselves and the world around them,” said Tyler Hanna, a brother in Phi Kappa Tau.

Cianciolo said the fair is especially beneficial for students who felt unengaged during the Fall semester.

“If a student spent this last semester just going to class, going home and not really feeling connected to the university, this is a great opportunity to meet a lot of different student organizations face-to-face,” he said. “I always push students to check out Engage, but that face-to-face connection and really interacting with people is a lot different of an experience.”

Some attendees will be representing organizations they are currently in, while also browsing other RSOs on campus.

Business management senior Anna Devota will be representing Program Board and Delta Sigma Pi at the fair.

“I’m hoping to learn more about other RSOs on campus and promote the organizations that I am involved in,” she said.

She believes that the fair is an easy way for students to learn about on-campus RSOs.

“The Winter RSO Fair is a great opportunity for students looking to get involved on campus,” she said. “SVSU has so much to offer, and it is nice to see all organizations working together in one place.”

When students walk into the TSAR, they will see rows of tables set up with each table housing members from an SVSU RSO who will tell them about their organization. Valley Nights will be giving out popcorn to students as they enter the fair as well. Additionally, $100 in SVSU swag will be given away at the event.

Reporting From Connor Doyle, Vanguard Reporter

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