Bachand talks construction, MFA in forum

prez forum-1Students got the opportunity to ask President Don Bachand questions at the President’s Forum held in the Unity Room at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

After introductions, Bachand briefly mentioned that morning’s decision to delay campus opening since “four miles of sidewalks were too much” to have salted and made safe for students by the start of early morning classes.

The multifactor authentication update was next on the students’ agenda.

Concerns were voiced regarding compatibility with different cellphone types, dead zones around campus and the possibility of using a key fob in lieu of having a smartphone.

J.J. Boehm, the director of Media and Community Relations, reminded students that an app will be available, enabling students to choose from a random code, touch ID or personalized security questions to log in to the university network.

“Our early adapters went smoothly, and I am already using it in my personal life,” said Sidney Childs, Dean of Students.

He added that the switchover was to begin Monday, Jan. 21, with students whose last names begin with the letter A.

These students’ accounts will be activated on Jan. 28, with other students to follow in alphabetical order.

“I think it will go seamlessly,” Childs said. Students next inquired about the university’s most recent project: the new business building. Bachand acknowledged that construction was about 10 days behind schedule.

“The ground was too moist for the foundation,” he said. “Each time we build, we have to dig a new pond. We have a high water table here, and a deeper foundation is needed to support the building.”

He added that the new building’s steel framework would take anywhere from 10 days to two weeks to construct, but that it should progress quickly if the weather remains the same.

“(We are) fortunate to not have to deal with the snow,” he said. “All the stars are lining up.”

Bachand also shared with students that, to date, about $10 million of the needed $15 million has been raised for the building project.

He hinted that Brown Hall would be redone next, taking about a year to renovate. This would involve creating modular classrooms in the parking lot during construction.

Reporting from Hannah Beach, Vanguard Reporter

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