ACDA holds clothing drive to support Cardinal Closet

 The American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) held a clothing drive on campus to help support Cardinal Closet.

Mikayla Fillinger, Music Education Major first year, and Vice President of the SVSU’s ACDA chapter to learn more about the clothing drive:

“I originally wanted to be in ACDA because I wanted to prepare myself to become a successful educator and learn useful leadership tools that I can take with me to begin my career,” Fillinger said. “ACDA is a friendly and informative organization, geared towards Music Education majors, and those interested in music or teaching music in general.”

She also said they receive a valuable experience by traveling.

“We learn a lot from each other and from the conferences we attend across the state and country and learn how to develop our leadership skills while having a fun time doing so.”

The clothing drive was a good way for ACDA to give back to their community.

The clothing drive, in collaboration with the Cardinal Closet, is a way for ACDA to help contribute back to the SVSU community by collecting formal clothing donations that students can access free of cost,” she said. “We chose to do a clothing drive because as a group based on education [and becoming future educators], we recognize how important it is for students.”

The clothing drive started Oct. 30, and finished on Nov. 3. The locations for the clothes drive were: University West 450, Merry Jo Brandimore (MJB) House First Floor, Arbury Fine Arts First Floor Lobby, Student Life Front Desk, and any time outside of the Cardinal Closet in Wickes– second floor.

“Thanks for being involved with our clothing drive, and we hope to see students at more of our events.”

For those looking for more information, they can follow ACDA’s Instagram at @ svsu_acda.

ACDA of SVSU boosts the Cardinal Closet’s wardrobe options with their week-long clothing drive. The drive was to give back to the community and support SVSU. Vanguard Photographer | Evan Turk

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