Arts R Us: Cultivating creativity and community

Arts R Us had their first meeting of the year on Sept. 17.

Antonio Potter, Treasurer of the club and third year Criminal Justice Major, explained how it went:

“The first meeting was good. We talked about our new positions… and other positions people can apply for. Overall, I would say it was a good first meeting. It was fun.”

Arts R Us tries to hold a meeting on Sundays once every two weeks which last about an hour and a half. They meet in Curtiss 102, and their next meeting is Oct. 1.

“The purpose of the club is to get people who love art an opportunity to grow and develop,” Potter said.

Their meetings typically consist of talking, introductions and planning. Everyone is included as there is no experience necessary to join.

“We are trying to spread the love of art and get more people to know more about certain events involving art, like going to art museums, history of art, and get people to know more about other artist,” he said. “We wish to have an inclusive environment.”

Along with Potter, other board members include President Kari Brown, Vice President Paige Arneil and Social Media Representative Michael King Jr.

“We are trying to include everyone.” Potter said. “It means a lot to have values and being able to have fun. I, Kari and Paige definitely wish the RSO will make art fun and entertaining.”

There is always a new agenda for Arts R US; the first one being a photography contest involving Squishmallows.

To learn more, follow the Instagram @svsu_artsrus.

“This RSO is special,” Potter said. “I can see the enjoyment and happiness demonstrated by Kari and other club members every meeting.”

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