Student Profile: Isabel Losa, SVSU theater student

Isabel Losa, who plays Henry Gilfoyle, aka Bluebeard in the play, Burning Bluebeard is a theater major and minor at SVSU.

She explained the show as “Written by Jay Torrance, who came out to SVSU to teach students how to ‘be a clown.’

The plot of the show is about six clowns, who wanted to perform their Christmas pantomime, Mr. Bluebeard, in Chicago on December 30th, 1903 in the Iroquois Theatre Fire.

Unfortunately, as they got to the end of the first act, a fire started and burned down the theater, which killed 600 people. It’s also a true story, one of the clowns in the show, Nellie Reed, was actually a person who passed away with the crowd of 600.

With the heavy background, the show, according to the SVSU Theatre website describes the show as “a joyful eulogy with a sharp irreverent wit including slapstick, vignettes, tumbling and dance. Each night is a vaudevillian delight with a story that excavates the poetic and poignant remains

of a piece of Chicago’s rich history.
When Losa was asked about her connection with her fellow cast members,

she said their relationship was good. “Amazing, practices have gone pretty good. I’ve worked with pretty much everyone, so it’s been really fun to get back with the people I know, but also getting to

know new people too.”
The SVSU Theatre Department show

is also directed by Dave Rzeszutek, Department Chair and Professor of Theatre. The show’s tickets run for $15 and can be purchased either online via SVSU

E-Tix or at the SVSU Theatre Box Office one hour prior to the event. The showings occur from Oct. 25 through the 29.

With showings Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Sunday at the Malcolm Theatre of Performing Arts on campus.

Other shows that will occur during the SVSU Theatre season are Sanest Person in the Room, written by SVSU Alumni Logan Hahn in November, Noises Off in February, and Columbinus in April. Those interested in more information can go to

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