Review: Creation Coffee is a great local coffee spot

SVSU is surrounded by coffee shops with Starbucks on campus and other places just down the road. One of those shops, which is often overlooked by students, is Creation Coffee.

I recently had the opportunity, along with another Vanguard staff member, to go to Creation Coffee for the first time and I wasn’t disappointed.

The first thing I noticed about the shop when I walked in was the atmosphere. It was very cozy and inviting. It gave off the perfect vibes to study, which some students were already in there doing.

The next thing I liked about it was the staff. They were very nice to us during the entire process.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted yet and they gave us plenty of time to step back and decide.

Now onto the part everyone actually cares about, the coffee and the food.

I had a maple oat milk latte. I’m not a huge coffee drinker so I don’t like when my drinks taste too strong of coffee. This one, which I got iced, had the perfect balance of bitter coffee and sweet maple.

We also tried the white chocolate mocha which is a staple at any coffee shop.

I also tried the caramel muffin. This muffin was amazing. Staff heated it up for me. At first it seemed like any other muffin, but the center was full of warm, gooey, caramel. It almost tasted like a cinnamon roll with caramel in the middle. I will definitely be going back to get this.

The only downside I could see with the shop was the sizing. The largest size they had was a 16 ounce.

Compared to a Starbucks large, which is 20 ounces for hot or 24 for cool, it felt a little small.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, that size might not be enough for you.

However, the pricing makes up for it. A 16 ounce is around $4, which to me anyways is a good price for an iced latte. I’m used to paying $6 and up for drinks at Starbucks.

In the end, I recommend Creation Coffee to anyone in the area who likes a good cup a coffee, a cozy atmosphere, or delicious baked goods.

Alyssa McMillan

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