Horoscopes for the week of Sept. 11


This week is all about accepting change, whether it be big or small. With Mercury in retrograde this week it’s the perfect time for some open communication. 


Reflection, reflection, reflection. This week is all about looking at your inner self and doing some self reflection. Take a few steps back and look at what you’re doing, make sure it’s the right path for you.


Plan out where you want to go this week. Hesitation may be a sign that you’re on the right track. The same old isn’t cutting it anymore and that’s okay. Make a plan and change up your life. 


Time to bust out the creativity. Create a safe space for your body and mind. Do things like write in a diary, paint, or even just put your thoughts down in the notes app on your phone. 


This week is about advancement. Think of some new ways to bring in some money and go for it. Keep on budget though as it might be tempting to over spend this week. 


Self-acceptance can be hard but this week you’ll have some big strides with your confidence. Don’t hang on to your old ways, new is good. Familiar doesn’t always mean better. 


Naps, dreams, and meditation are the best thing for you this week. Take a zen and calm approach to life this week. We’re thinking of journals, crystals, and lots of self care.


Your social game will be strong this week. However, this might lead you to review your friendships. Think about who is really helping you in life and who might be holding you back.


Connect with new people, whether it be people you work with or in class, new connections will serve you this week. Be patient and make sure not to lose any small details. 


Saturn is also in retrograde. This should allow you to backtrack and really look at things. How are your finances? Do you have a plan for the future? Study hard and get advice when you need it. 


Saturday will see a full moon that’ll leave you in bliss. It’s a perfect time for dreaming and envisioning the future.


It’s okay to look at the past this week. Look at it from a place of resolve and dig deeper. Look back at old relationships and consider them. 

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