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College classes make college difficult, but there’s something worse than even that which leads to a horrendous college experience: college roommates.

Now, to clear things up, there is also nothing else that can make college such an incredible, unique experience than having a college roommate who makes the world a better place. Having someone to connect with, feel comfortable with, bond with, and so on makes all the difference in managing a college campus. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to have this.

No matter what type of roommate one has, it is necessary to respect the space and the people who live in it. There are so many reasons to just respect one another; the main one being because it’s the human thing
to do, but this story is not to preach about morals. It’s to give very real reasons why respect should be given to your roommates for your own self- interest.

Number one: SVSU’s campus is small, and people talk. If a roommate chooses to be messy without change or crosses boundaries set in the roommate agreement, it might really piss a person off after a while. Trust, they will talk about it with their friends and peers if it’s an ongoing issue.

Another notable reason to just be respectful is to form a non-hostile environment. Having peace within a dorm makes for a great year. It makes for a more comfortable living space with no weird tension or awkward interactions, so one is free to come and go as they please instead of tiptoeing around a roommate. It’ll make SVSU feel like a second home instead of a school with no escape.

Not only should everyone feel comfortable at their own place, but a college dorm is where people should be able to make friends. A roommate is a perfect candidate for a great friend as living together leads to all kinds of shared experiences. Having a best friend as a roommate is one of the best things that happen at college because of wild things that inevitably go down in a college dorm like setting off the smoke alarm for no reason or having neighbors play with nerf guns outside the door. Making friends makes everything better, and having enemies makes it so much worse.

Also, when there’s conflict, there tends to be confrontation. Most people do not like having those hard conversations where people need to be called out. So, they might just choose to tell the RA without having a conversation. Never let a situation lead to that. If something goes wrong, talk about it and fix it so these situations can be avoided.

It’s perfectly fine to make mistakes and leave dishes out in the sink every once in a while, but the bottom line is to respect your roommates.

If something like that happens, apologize. Show respect for the space and clean it up. Show respect for their time and thank them for cleaning up a mess that wasn’t theirs.

Hopefully, respect comes naturally to most, but sometimes people need a little reminder. Respect your roommates; if not for them, do it for your own self-interest.

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