Baseball wins double-header against Parkside

SVSU men’s baseball traveled to Kenosha Wisconsin to take on the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in a double header over the weekend. The team scored 22-7 in the first and 10-5 in the second.

SVSU started the game by scoring first and creating a 1-0 lead. Sophomore Austin Schweiger hit an RBI sacrifice fly that scored the first point.

Parkside managed to come back and score a one-run lead in the bottom of the first when they scored two.

SVSU pulled 10 runs in the third which cemented their lead. Senior Tucker Roe drove two more with a single before making it home.

He was able to do this because of a tripe hit by junior Jaccar Watkins.

Watkins scored on a passed ball where senior Martin Money doubled home for two more points for the Cardinals. The score now fell at 11-2.

Junior Hunter Merillat pitched for four of the seven innings. He allowed four runs, three of them earned, and struck out seven.

Noah Gerritson got hit with 11 runs against but an error in the third meant only three of the runs were earned.

Parkside managed to get two more runs in the bottom of the third, but SVSU countered with six more of their own in the fourth.

The team hit four separate RBI singles. These were hit by junior Colin Cornwell, Schweiger, and junior Jeffrey Reseigh. Sophomore Reed Raymond also hit a two-RBI single. The score sat at 17-4 for SVSU.

SVSU hit a two-run home in the sixth.

The home run was thanks to freshman Mark Harden III, who hit his first college home run in the game.

Junior Nick Bastian pitched two innings, both of which were scoreless. He struck out two.

Sophomore Collin McMullen took over for the seventh. The team then wrapped up the game with its 22-7 win.

Game 2

Game two was a bit more of a challenge for SVSU. It was the first game all weekend the team didn’t break 20 in.

The team started this game strong as well, scoring one run in the first. It was an RBI double hit by Cornwell. Parkside managed to take the lead in the bottom of the first with a score of 2-1.

Junior Connor McClennen hit an RBI single in the second which helped the team get the lead back in the third.

Cornwell doubled home both Austin and Colin Schweiger. The score was now 4-1 for SVSU.

Junior Steven Hecht had another run scored against in the third. He followed this up with three more scoreless innings. He pitched six innings with four strikeouts and three runs against.

Chris Conrad pitched for Parkside and didn’t hit any outs in the fifth, where the Cardinals got three more runs.

Junior Logan Welch doubled home Raymond and Money. Cornwell scored as well, making the score 7-3. Conrad pitched four innings and had seven runs against, six of which were earned.

Junior Brandon Scheurer pitched for the seventh inning. He struck out two and gave three hits.

Schweiger managed another RBI single in the eighth. SVSU scored two more in the ninth with an RBI double and a Roe RBI.

Raymond pitched the final two innings and had one run in both, also striking out two.

The team will play again on April 19. At 3 p.m. at SVSU.

Alyssa McMillan

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