Student Association presidential election sees incumbent Urlaub claim victory

Incumbent Student Association president Austin Urlaub was able to retain his seat
for another academic year.
Vanguard Photographer | Cameron Sevilla

The Student Association election cycle has finished for the 2023-2024 academic year. This election had the presidential seat up for grabs.

The race commenced between incumbent Austin Urlaub and opponent Vince Ford.

Urlaub was seeking re-election after enjoying his role as president of Student Association over the past year. He has a deep passion for improving the student experience and has many more plans to do so in the future.

Urlaub’s main goal for the next term is to continue to address the needs of all students, including hosting more mental health first aid and active assailant training sessions.

Ford had decided to run for the presidential race due to his love for his fellow students, the Student Association, and his peers within the House of Representatives. He believed that there was minimal visibility for smaller identity groups, such as the LGBTQIA+ population on campus.

Ford was looking to make meaningful changes in leadership, accessibility, and inclusion for all students on campus. Vince was focused on bringing a more inclusive insight into many of the facets of the university, including allocations, programming, and general university function. He also aimed to create a more interpersonal relationship with the student body and make the Student Association Office a more utilized space.

Ford’s favorite part about this election cycle was “being able to make name-face connections and building relationships with others,” he said. Urlaub was excited about the prospect of having some competition this year and was looking forward to the results.

The results were announced on March 30. Urlaub was re-elected as President of the Student Association, and he was ecstatic to continue serving the student body.

“[I] would like to thank everyone who supported me and [I want to] assure the student body that they won’t regret their decision,” he said.

Ford has promised to continue to fight for the needs of the student body and to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities.

After learning the results of the election Ford commented to the student body:

“Thank you for allowing me this opportunity, I look forward to the future by continuing to serve you.”

Urlaub and Ford both have plans to improve the student experience at Saginaw Valley State University and are eager to get to work over the coming academic year.

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