“Simology Club” launches for gaming fans at SVSU

Simolgy Club is a new RSO on campus. It is focused on The Sims 4 but will provide students with a relaxed environment to play any games.

The club is currently still getting started and will not be fully operational until next school year. The club has its first official event scheduled for April 13th.

Issy Cole, SVSU sophomore and social work major, is the media manager for the club.

“Simology Club is about creating a relaxed and welcoming environment for students to play video games together” she said. “The club is more geared toward Sims, but we highly encourage people to join whether they play Sims or not.”

Maddie Swiger, junior psychology major, is the president and founder. She explained the focus of the club:

“Sims 4 isn’t the sole focus – some individuals have expressed interest in joining but playing different games like Minecraft and Stardew Valley which is fine! We have talked more about Sims 4 simply because it is free to download so the accessibility is high for everyone.”

Jordan Kryscynski, sophomore psychology major, is the executive coordinator. She talked about the club’s current focus.

“For now, we are focusing on hosting our first official event. On April 13th, in the Alumni Lounge, 8:00-9:30 PM we are hosting a Video Game Bingo Night.”

She aslo said that other plans were in the works.

“Afterward, we will be placing our focus on preparing for the next academic school year. We have some ideas for fundraising and events ideas that we cannot wait to share.” she said “Additionally, we are currently working with Student Life to see if the e-sports room would be available for us to use for meetings and/or events.”

Allison Hummel, sophomore supply chain management major, is the finance manager for simology club.

“We won’t have regular meetings until the fall, but we will try to choose a time that works best for our members,” Hummel said. Cole also commented about meetings.

“Most of our future plans will be for the fall semester since this academic year is coming to a close,” she said. “We hope to build up the club and then curate the meeting times to fit the schedules of those interested in the club.”

They are currently planning a second informational meeting.

“We want the second info night to be more focused on planning events and fundraising opportunitie’s.” Hummel said. “It would also be another chance for more people to meet us if they couldn’t attend the first one.”

“This meeting will be for those who were unable to make it to the first, and will welcome any newcomers who have just learned of Simology Club,” Kryscynski commented. ”We hope to have more finalized meeting information or ideas for events and fundraising.”

Swiger gave details about the event which the RSO has planned for the 13th.

“We will be charging $1 per every extra Bingo board one wishes to use to raise money for our club. We have video game-themed prizes to giveaway and will be playing until all prizes are won.”

More information about Simology Club can be found on its Instagram @simologyclubsvsu

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