Review: Loud Thoughts is an excellent local band

When it comes to music, I almost always dig something that is complex.

I was involved in band during my secondary school years, so I understand the meaning of balance and layering in the composition of a song.

Unfortunately, I find most mainstream music today falls short of that. Much of it involves simple, crowd pleasing notes blared on repeat and shallow lyrics.

As a result, I find myself listening to bands who have achieved real musical quality and have a distinct feel and energy to it’s sound.

One such group is a band located right here in mid-Michigan. Loud Thoughts is an alternative rock quartet in Saginaw.

It is are composed of brothers Chase Singer on guitar and Clayton Singer as vocals. Cade Lambert plays bass and his cousin David Hansen is on drums.

I had the pleasure of seeing Loud Thoughts perform at Hamilton Street Pub in Saginaw awhile back.

I was immediately struck by the band’s groovy and rich sound; it was impossible to not tap with the music. Not one layer of the band overwhelmed the other; there was strong harmony and balance between all parts, which is essential in music.

I was also intrigued by the name of the band; it offers many implications to the meaning behind their music. On our ride home that night, my friends and I mulled over the significance of such a band name, its overall scene, and the quality of itss music.

The band members seemed quite down to earth, which was something else my friends and I discussed.

I remember, after their performance at that concert, seeing them casually socializing with members of the crowd.

That is huge, especially considering any group’s desire to form a strong and connective fan base. You have to allow your audience to see you as a person, and the band mingling after the concert testifies to that.

The music of Loud Thoughts can be found on several platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The band has clearly spent considerable time when it comes to recording their music, as the quality of their albums maintains the same balance and full sound as when they played live.

If you pay attention to a lot of mainstream music, you will notice that some kind of singular, monotonous beat is played over and over across all sections of the band.

This is certainly not the case with Loud Thoughts–coupled with dynamics, its music has several interesting working parts, meaning each sound follows a unique rhythm that is built around each other.

Its first album, “Headspace”, was released in 2019. Its second, ”Nomad”, was released early in 2022.

Some of my favorite tracks from the group include “Escape,” “Where Am I Going,” and “War.” These songs exemplify the musical quality of the group that I have mentioned, such as their balance and overall “grooviness.”

I also appreciate the message behind much of the music of Loud Thoughts, some of which are demonstrated through the above-mentioned songs.

The theme of its music feels very social, focusing on time, identity, and relationships with others.

While these ideas may seem common on the surface, Loud Thoughts draws you into a special space to consider yourself and challenge norms in a unique way.

According to their Instagram page, Loud Thoughts is working on new tunes as well; I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what else it produces.

I strongly encourage anyone to check out this local hit of a band. Its musical quality exceeds that of many popular and mainstream artists.

Considering that music is an art, this is something that we need to see. The overall energy and message of Loud Thoughts is also an important one that is worth meditating on and deriving your own interpretation of.

Loud Thoughts has a few shows coming up in April according to it’s website, including a performance on April 30 in Bay City.

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