We need to start treating people’s time more importantly

Time is valuable. It’s irreversible, and it’s worth more than money. It’s not something to disrespect no matter your rank, standing, title, or whatever it is.

Recently, I’ve had many instances where I’ve felt my time has been blatantly disrespected by employers and professors alike.

Nothing infuriates me more than when I’ve spent 20 minutes driving to my scheduled shift just to be texted 15 minutes prior to the start that I wasn’t needed. 35 minutes of my day was wasted. It’s time people do better.

There are few circumstances in which a person should be allowed to stomp on somebody else’s time.

Anything from giving an absurdly short notice to not come into work to not financially compensating workers enough for their hours is an act of disrespect. Everyone is entitled to their own time.

Another example of this occurrence would be professors expecting students to stay after their allotted class time.

It is a gross misuse of power to demand extra time in the classroom a student has already been sitting in for two hours with no break.

Some students have a class scheduled directly after the one they’re in and can’t afford to stay after to hear an additional five minutes of lecture.

Even if they don’t, they shouldn’t be expected to give up their free time to a professor who can’t time out their lectures properly.

Don’t get me wrong: just like professors can do that to students, the opposite is true but to a smaller scale. If students are on their phone through the entire lecture, they simply shouldn’t show up.

Sure, we pay for our education so we can spend class time doing whatever we need to, but professors are people too. It’s important to show them respect as well.

I mentioned earlier how guilty the workplace can be when it comes to abusing employees’ time, but the biggest instance of this would have to be the application process.

It is straight-up cruel how a company can simply ignore an application. The least they can do is let an applicant know they won’t be hired as to not waste someone’s time.

Even when the jobs themselves are concerned they should compensate well whether it’s just a worker at McDonald’s or a top manager at Google.

The work may not require a high education for a position, but people are still spending their time at a workplace instead of with their family and deserve more than minimum wage at any job.

Aside from school and work, disrespect can be shown in many of our day-to-day lives. Friends can ask for favors and never give any gratitude.

Supposed ‘friends’ can talk and talk about their lives and never once ask you about yours.

Parents can ask you to do household chores with barely a second’s notice before you leave to hang out with friends. Whenever you feel disrespected, it’s your responsibility to stick up for yourself when you can.

The truth is the world is a nasty place and people are no longer prioritizing kindness and respect.

Treat everyone with respect and time is a valuable tool not to be wasted. Never stand for someone who is willing to waste your time.

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